25 Reasons Why Goon Is Australia's Most Versatile Beverage

    So classy, it is literally encased in silver.

    1. Every Australian knows just how damn versatile our favourite drink is.

    2. You can drink it straight from the bag.

    3. Or pour it into a glass if you're feeling a little ~fancy~.

    4. You can take it on a hike and enjoy it with some nature.

    5. You can use goon boxes for a workout if you don't have weights.

    6. You can mix it with other liquors and have a truly wild night.

    7. It's the perfect main ingredient for your punch.

    8. And it's the natural addition to any cheese night.

    9. It'll keep you hydrated on public transport.

    10. The box provides perfect protection from our harsh Aussie sun.

    11. Goon brings friends together.

    12. And a game of Goon of Fortune is an Australian party staple.

    13. Though we can't forget the wonder that is Goon Pong.

    14. It's a great pillow at the end of a long night.

    15. And in a pinch, you can use the empty bags to insulate your roof.

    16. Or even as a raft if you're stuck on a desert island with thirty goon sacks.

    17. Drink it through a straw to mix it up a little.

    18. Once you've drunk most of it, it'll squeeze into your purse.

    19. It's a great costume idea.

    20. Use goon sacks as festive decorations come Christmas time.

    21. And it can make a pretty fancy looking laneway decoration.

    22. It's the perfect subject for your next tattoo.

    23. The latest fashion trends are even following in the footsteps of the goon sack.

    24. Goon: Australia's favourite beverage.

    25. We love it so much we even made a sculpture in its honour.