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    35 Iconic Discontinued Foods That All Australians Need Back Right Now

    Give us back our Calippo Shots!

    1. Vice Versas

    2. Milo Bars

    The Milo bars on supermarket shelves these days don't even hold a candle to the Milo bars of yesteryear. Essentially, they were just hunks of Milo powder covered in chocolate. The. Best.

    3. Incredibites

    Oh man. Oh man. OH MAN, these were amazing. Crispy pillows filled with delicious chocolate and hazelnut. So delicious.

    4. Millenium Bugs

    Kenman Kandy / Via DOLLY Magazine

    Well, clearly these would no longer be a topical snack. But they were so yum and so little and cute!

    5. Bega Cheese Chips

    Facebook: smithschips

    About 15 years ago, Smith's released these ~Aussie~ themed chips. While the meat pie and ham & mustard flavour were pretty alright, the Bega Cheese ones were ace. Bring 'em back!!!!

    6. Voodoo Jelly

    7. Potato Smiles

    8. Space Food Sticks

    9. Bertie Beetles

    10. Yowies

    11. Vegemite Snackabouts


    Damn, these were good. You could get them with peanut butter as well, but lets be real, the Vegemite was way better. Now you can only get them with Cheesybite. But... why?

    12. Grinners cereal

    View this video on YouTube

    Unfortunately, Uncle Toby's has told us that they have no plans to bring back this legendary cereal that made breakfast just that little bit happier.

    13. Polywaffles

    14. Cadbury Marble

    15. Burgerman chips

    These chips that sort-of, kind-of tasted like burgers, were only made better by the fact that we felt like we were eating crunchy little men.

    16. Calippo Shots

    Facebook: 326805180685939

    These icy balls were what all the cool kids ate in the summer. Whether you used a spoon or just poured them down your throat, Calippo Shots were the shit.

    17. Coconut White Magnum

    Facebook: Streets-Ice-Cream-Archive

    While we're talking about ice cream, let us cast our minds back to the most beautiful marriage of white chocolate and coconut to ever grace this earth. This is by far the best flavour of Magnum that Streets have ever made.

    18. Paddle Pop Mud Puddle and Thick Shake

    Facebook: Streets-Ice-Cream-Archive

    Aw man, remember these beauties? The Thick Shake was a bit more of a special treat than a normal Paddle Pop, and the Mud Puddle took your fave flavour, chocolate, to a whole new level.

    19. Toucan Ice Cream

    These bad boys were the best part of summer. In theory, you were meant to split it with a mate... but nah. They tasted great.

    20. Ruffles Chips

    Ruffles were even better than Lay's, but probably not quite as good as Smith's. Plus, Kylie was in the ad!!!

    21. Mello Yello

    This one was discontinued in the early '90s, so it's the die-hard Mello Yello fans that are still pining after it. It was like Lift, but better, 'cos it was caffeinated.

    22. Quatro biscuits

    Let's be honest, these were never going to be as well-loved as a Tim Tam. But they were still damn delicious. They were perfect to munch on in the arvo with a cup of tea and a good TV show. Please can they come back?

    23. Shaker fries

    24. McOz Burger

    25. Take 5

    View this video on YouTube

    These bars were basically just a line of Maltesers covered in chocolate. AKA literal perfection.

    26. Strawberry Dunkaroos


    Yes, you can still get choc hazelnut Dunkaroos which taste sort of like off-brand Nutella. But whatever happened to all the other flavours, most importantly, strawberry? Ugh, the '90s were the best.

    27. Samboy Flavour Bombs

    View this video on YouTube

    Similar to Maccas' Shaker Fries, Samboys were so much better than any other chip because of the huge flavour hit. BBQ was the best.

    28. Cadbury Velvet hot chocolate


    OK, this is not an actual photo of the product. Cadbury drinking chocolate used to be these perfect chocolate flakes that'd melt perfectly into milk for an A+ hot choccie. Also you could use it when baking and it'd be just as yum. Down with powder!

    29. Strawberry Chomp


    Chomps are a bit of a nothing chocolate bar, but they used to be so much more than that. They used to come in a bunch of different flavours, including strawberry, mint, banana and chocolate. Now it's just boring old caramel. (Still yum though.)

    30. Vanilla Flavoured Nesquik


    OK, this clearly isn't the packaging that we had here in Oz. But damn this stuff was good. Not as good as your stock standard chocolate 'Quik, but definitely a close second. You can still get banana flavour, so where's our vanilla?

    31. Double Dip

    The powder was so sweet, and so good. But when you finished it, you were left with a "candy" stick which just tasted like chalk.

    32. Starburst Jelly Beans

    Facebook: 153375213524

    These jelly beans were so delicious but also if you ate more than ten of them you ended up going a bit loopy. The purple ones tasted so good though.

    33. Fanta Spider

    This filmy, milky Fanta actually tasted a lot better than it sounded. It came in Strawberry flavour as well which was so yum.

    34. Fruity Bix Bars

    If having Weet-Bix for brekky just isn't enough for you, these bars made the perfect recess snack. It was like a Weet-Bix, but with chunks of "fruit" in it, then covered in yoghurt. Yuuuuuuuum.

    35. Flurried McFlurries

    Did we miss your favourite old school snack? Let us know in the comments!

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