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A Freak Hail Storm Hit Alice Springs And The Photos Are Stunning

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An rare hail storm has hit Alice Springs, blanketing the red dirt with glistening white.

Icy Winters Day in #AliceSprings #NTAustralia

While the hailstones were too small to be dangerous, the storm resulted in some pretty stunning photographs.

Freak Storm in #AliceSprings #NTAustralia ... Red Dirt & Ice

Alice Springs, located in the centre of Australia, usually looks like this.

So it's no surprise that people are getting excited...

I've seen fire and I've seen rain..but ice like this in the desert?Damn global warming! @TheNTNews @783Alicesprings

..and sharing their stunning photos of the once-in-a-lifetime storm.

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The Bureau of Meteorology in the NT told BuzzFeed News that storms like this are very uncommon in winter, and tend to happen in spring and summer.

Can't get enough of these photos of hail on red dirt at Alice Springs:

You can watch a video of the storm from the ABC Facebook page.

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