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21 Times Tumblr Summed Up Your Relationship With Drunk Food

"Yes, I would like to purchase all of your fried chicken please."

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1. When you want to eat every single thing you see.

2. And when your fridge becomes your new BFF.

3. When someone else understands your craving.

4. But then when too many people share your craving.

5. When you're so drunk you'll eat anything.

6. When you take that first delicious bite.

7. When you start to regret some of your life choices.

8. When sometimes hungover food is even better than drunk food.

9. When you have to go get a kebab on your own.

10. When desperate times call for desperate measures.

11. When your drunk self can eat a lot more than your sober self.

12. And you basically need to order three meals.

13. When you order something and regret it instantly.

14. When you try to multi-task.

15. When you've got your priorities in order.

16. When you know that you'll regret it all tomorrow.

17. When alcohol makes you want all the bad food.

18. When Menulog saves your life.

19. When you can't wait to put on your PJ's and stuff your face.

20. When you can't keep your eyes open but you want to keep eating.

21. And when you wake up the next morning.