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    22 Food Pics That'll Get Aussies Off And Completely Confuse Americans

    Technically these are safe-for-work but they kinda shouldn't be.

    1. These pies with a perfect, buttery crust.

    2. These mini sausage rolls just waiting to be dipped into cold tomato sauce.


    Instagram: @katelynmh19 / Via

    4. This beautiful plate of fairy bread, just waiting to be devoured.

    5. This chocolate crackle which is heavy on the chocolate.

    6. And these honey joys which make you long for a school cake stall.

    7. This fluffy vanilla slice which didn't skimp on the cream.

    8. This burger loaded up with bacon, egg, and BBQ sauce.

    9. And this simple takeaway shop staple with cold slices of beetroot to accompany the hot meat.

    10. This rainbow Paddle Pop, swirled to perfection.

    11. This flat white you just want to slurp.

    12. This lamington which you just know is incredibly soft and fluffy on the inside.

    13. This value pack of Tim Tams that you could enjoy all to yourself.

    14. And this anticipation of the pure bliss to come.

    15. This spot-on Vegemite-to-butter ratio.

    16. These Iced Vovos which are the perfect 3 P.M. snack.

    17. And this party platter with everything you'd ever need.

    18. These hot chips topped with a copious amount of chicken salt.

    19. And this fresh plate of deep-fried bliss.

    20. This perfectly-cooked sausage, straight off the BBQ.

    21. This heap of seasoning which should be the amount you get on every Shape.

    22. And finally, this smashed avo which will come to you in your dreams.

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