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    22 Struggles Of Being A Femme Lesbian

    "But... you're really pretty?"

    1. When people hear that you're gay they say: "But you're really pretty".

    2. Then they say: "You just haven't found the right man yet".

    3. Or you get the people who say "You're so pretty..."

    "...for a lesbian."

    4. Or, even worse, a guy tells you he can "turn you straight".

    5. If you date another femme, people always asks which one of you is the 'guy'.

    6. If you date a butch, people assume that you're actually into guys.

    7. People ask you why you don't have short hair.

    8. Potential love interests assume you're straight and you have to make the first move.

    9. So you try to dress a little more butch but you just feel stupid.

    10. Guys constantly ask you and your girlfriend if you'd like to have a threesome.

    11. People assume that because you're femme, you're only into butch lesbians.

    12. People tell you it's just a phase because you don't ~look~ like a lesbian.

    13. And people assume you're gay because a man broke your heart.

    14. You have to come out to literally everyone and it becomes a whole big thing.

    15. People have told you that it makes you less of a lesbian.

    16. You have to deal with the stereotype that femme lesbians are passive in bed.

    17. A lot of people assume that you and your girlfriend are sisters.

    18. And guys will try to hit on you while you're literally holding hands.

    19. If you talk to a guy at a party, once he finds out you're gay he acts like you've been leading him on.

    20. Distant relatives ask you why you don't have a boyfriend yet.

    21. When you first tell a straight girl that you're gay, they assume you're hitting on them.

    22. And you can't have long nails.