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13 Ways To Get Your Gross Winter Feet Ready For Summer

We're so close to sandal season, guys.

Anna Mendoza / BuzzFeed

1. Indulge in one pedicure to set you up.

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Maybe weekly pedicures aren't in your budget, but getting one at the end of winter is a good idea. It'll set you up for taking care of your feet on your own, without the daunting task of sloughing off eight layers of dead winter skin. Once your feet feel human again, you'll be more inclined to keep them that way.

2. Use Vaseline and cotton socks to make your feet super-soft.

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Lather up your feet with Vaseline, or any other thick moisturiser, paying attention to the heels and the balls of your feet. Pop on some socks and leave overnight. The moisture will really lock in and help your dry tootsies. Do this a couple times a week to keep them feeling lovely.

3. Or use a foot mask.

Milky Foot

These things are like magic. You put on little plastic booties (like gloves for your feet), pour a liquid into them, and leave for 45 minutes before washing off. In a day or two, your dead skin will start peeling off, and after a week your feet will honestly be the softest they've ever been. You can get them from Chemist Warehouse.

4. Don't walk around barefoot.

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Yes, it's almost summer, and it's so much easier to just not wear shoes. But when you think about it, the sidewalk/grass/wherever you are is super gross, and you're really increasing your risk of getting infections, splinters, bindis, and bacteria. Not to mention stubbed toes which can lead to ingrown toenails.

5. But you should also learn how to properly and safely remove splinters.

This video is a pretty good step-by-step explainer. You should also make sure your tweezers are clean and sharp. If your current pair is looking a bit skanky, this pretty set is $11.

6. Learn how to cut your toenails properly.

There's a chance this is the most boring video on YouTube. But you gotta learn the correct way to cut your nails, to avoid ingrown nails and other nasties. Aim to cut the nail flat across, and file down sharp corners. If you cut them rounded, the nail might grow into the sides of the nail bed.

7. And treat your feet like your face.

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You should be washing your feet every day, especially if you’ve been wearing sandals or open-toed shoes. Use a nail brush to clean under your nails and brush away dead skin.

8. Always use a base coat on your nails!

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Especially when you want to use a darker colour. This'll stop your nails from staining. Also make sure that you don't leave your polish on for any longer than two weeks, to prevent fungus growing.

9. If you feel a blister beginning to form, deal with it STRAIGHT AWAY.

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If you can't change out of your shoes, whack a Band-Aid on it ASAP. If you prevent it from getting too bad, you can minimise how long it'll last before healing.

10. Try a DIY foot soak.

There are a ton of different "recipes" out there, like this soothing one or this moisturising one. Listerine and white wine vinegar is a particularly good combo for softening your soles, as you can see in this video.

11. Use a pumice stone at least once a week to get rid of dead skin.

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But don't do it every day. If you take off too much skin, your feet will get dry and be more susceptible to becoming hard and calloused. You can get pumice stones at most pharmacies. Or you can find them for free on some beaches.

12. Or use an electronic foot file if you just cbf with a pumice.

Like this Scholl one.

13. And when in doubt, moisturise.


Honestly. A good foot cream (or even just a $2 tube of vitamin E cream) will do so much. This one from Lush smells amazing.