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    Can We Talk About Delta Goodrem Because Oh Boy, She Has The Range

    From ballads to bangers.

    If you were around in 2003, you probably still remember Delta Goodrem as the 18-year-old whose first album was filled with piano ballads that changed the Australian music industry.


    "Born to Try" was a certifiable ANTHEM while "Innocent Eyes" and "Lost Without You" were perfect songs to sing into your hairbrush while ~getting lost in fantasies, in a cartoon land of mysteries~.


    After 13 years of slaying and being an all-round queen, Delta is back with her fifth album AND BY GOD IS IT GOOD.

    Sony Music

    Literally. It's amazing. It's like nothing we've ever seen before from her.

    Sure, Mistaken Identity gave us a much ~darker~ sound, then we had Delta which brought us into a new era and style, then Child of the Universe broke a drought and couldn't have been better.

    But Wings Of The Wild shows us a whole new side of her.

    And her newest single, "Enough", is basically just a big "bye, bitch" to all the people in the world who have ever hated on her.

    Plus it features Gizzle who is A++++, seriously, watch this video and let it bless your life. BOSS BITCHES. 😎

    And when you sit down and listen to all the lyrics, the album is a beautiful reminder to everyone that we need to love ourselves first and foremost.

    Delta's grown up with us all watching her, and this album really cements her status as a vocal queen, a musical chameleon, and a lyrical genius.

    Please. Do yourself a favour and go listen to it.

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    You're welcome.

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