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18 Australian Horror Stories Summed Up In An Image

Look, it doesn't take much.

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1. This thermometer reading.

Reddit: scyah / Via

2. This sad pair.

3. This morning ruiner.

5. This obvious shorts tan.

6. And this one, which is difficult to fix.

Instagram: @benwhite1976 / Via

7. This red line of betrayal.


10. This monstrosity.

Reddit: OldManInternetz / Via

11. This sad aisle.

Reddit: Crowzur / Via

12. This highway robbery.

Reddit: WestCoastSide / Via

13. This useless but infuriating infographic.


14. This weather forecast aka portal to hell.

tag urself, i'm an upgraded bushfire warning

15. This absolute tragedy.

16. This Macca's heartbreak.


17. This overcrowded clusterfuck.

18. And this ice cream abomination.

Reddit: BIOHAZARDB10 / Via