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    Taylor Swift's New Song References A Lot Of Her Old Lyrics And I'm Loving It

    This damn lyrical mastermind.

    Hi guys. In case you somehow missed it (I really don't know how), Taylor Swift has dropped the fourth song from her upcoming album. Titled "Call It What You Want", it's basically about her finding love while everything was going to shit.

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    I'm no music analyst but to me it sounds like Taylor's way of saying to the media and everyone criticising her: "I've found love which has flourished in your hate, and it's none of your business. I know you label everything I do, so call it what you want."

    We all know that Taylor is a lyrical genius. Remember that time she wrote the lyric "you call me up again just to break me like a promise, so casually cruel in the name of being honest"?

    "Call It What You Want" is just as much of a lyrical masterpiece as Swift's songs that have come before.

    And some fans have started noticing that there are certain lyrics that parallel pretty well with some of her older songs.

    1. For starters, before the song even dropped, Taylor released some lyrics that really reminded a lot of people of "Love Story".

    2008: "Romeo save me." 2017: "You don't need to save me." #CallItWhatYouWant

    Sure, Taylor Swift fans have been known to reach for theories, but this one lines up pretty well. The purple lyrics are from "Love Story", the brown from "CIWYW":

    ALSO every time Taylor releases an album she hides little notes in the printed lyrics booklet with secret messages about each song. The message for "Love Story" was "Someday I'll find this". And she did. :') :') :')

    2. Secondly, in the chorus of the song, Taylor sings "my baby's fit like a daydream".

    Kinda reminds you of these lyrics in "Blank Space", right?

    3. Then we have the lyric "my castle crumbled overnight".

    Which reminds me a lot of "I could build a castle out of all the bricks they threw at me" from the song "New Romantics".

    4. Then we have these lyrics: "All my flowers grew back as thorns, windows boarded up after the storm."

    Which are pretty damn similar to these lyrics from "Clean":

    5. Then we have "loves me like I'm brand new".

    Just like the lyric "today is never too late to be brand new" in "Innocent".

    6. And finally, the lyrics "they took the crown but it's alright".

    Which matches up nicely with another one of her new songs, "Look What You Made Me Do": "I don't like your kingdom keys, they once belonged to me."

    7. Then there are a few other minor parallels, like "I make the same mistakes every time" and "once upon a time a few mistakes ago".

    Taylor Swift, you've done it again.