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Delta Goodrem Battled A Superfan At Delta Goodrem Trivia

We put Delta Goodrem in the same room as her biggest fan and worked out who knew Delta better.

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BuzzFeed Oz writer Jemima has been a huge fan of Delta's since she was 11 years old.

when you get to grow up with your fave 💜💜💜 @DeltaGoodrem

So when Delta stopped by the BuzzFeed Oz office, we naturally decided we should pit them against each other in a round of Delta Goodrem trivia.

1. What was the first Logie Delta won, what was it for, and what year was it?

Jemima: Well it was definitely for playing Nina. Best new talent, right?

BuzzFeed: It was for "Most Popular New Talent"!

Delta Goodrem: *laughs* "Oh, so I'm not the best new talent?! And here I was thinking it was about my acting ability!"

The score: BuzzFeed believes that best and most popular are essentially the same thing, so three points each!

2. In 1995, Delta guest starred on an Australian TV show. Which show was it? Bonus points if you can name the character.

Delta: 1995... What was I doing? What year did I start school... 1990... Hmm. Hey Dad was younger. Oh! Police Rescue! I played Sophie.

Jemima: Well. I lose.

Delta: Hey Dad was 1993.

The score: Delta gets two and Jemima gets none.


3. How many ARIA number one singles has Delta had? Bonus points if you can name them all.

Delta: Nine! "Born To Try", "Lost Without You", "Innocent Eyes", "Predictable", "Not Me Not I", "Out Of The Blue", "Almost Here", "In This Life".

Jemima: Agh, damn. I did "Mistaken Identity" instead of "Almost Here".

Delta: That's still pretty good, girl!

The score: Nine points for Delta and eight for Jemima.

4. What is the most viewed video on Delta's VEVO page? Bonus points if you can name the number of views.

Delta: "Lost Without You" was the highest for a while... but I think it changed?

Jemima: Yeah I have no idea.

Delta: I'm going to say "Sitting on top of the World"?

BuzzFeed: It's actually "Lost Without You"! With 3.3 million views.

Delta: Good job, "Lost Without You!"

The score: Both get zero!

5. What date was Mistaken Identity released?

Delta: Oh, come on! Referee! That's a hard one!

Both: Hmmmmmmmmmm.

Delta: I know it was 2004. I'm going to have to have a stab in the dark. April or July?

Jemima: November 2004?

BuzzFeed: It was November 8, 2004.

Delta: Aw yeah! The day before my birthday!

The score: One point for Jemima and none for Delta.

6. Who was the support act for the Visualise tour?

Delta: Oh no! Come on! That was 10 years ago!

Jemima: OMG I still have this song on my iTunes! He was Canadian.

Delta: Yeah, he was Canadian! I think... his name was... Ky?

Jemima: I don't know how to spell this... Kyle Riabko?

Delta: YES that was it!!! That's so good! It's not that I don't love the past things that have happened... it was so long ago! I was 19! How old were you?

Jemima: I was 13 but to be fair, I had a lot more time on my hands. I wasn't touring the country.

The score: One for Jemima and none for Delta.

7. Name all the tracks on Innocent Eyes, in order.

Jemima: I thought I had this but it's harder than I thought. How am I not remembering this? This album was my life when I was 12.

Delta: Yeah this is hard! I'm missing one song and it's just killing me... I can't believe I can't think right now.

Jemima: Looks like we both missed the same one... number 8.

Delta: Must be a crap song if we both forgot it.

BuzzFeed: Number 8 was "In My Own Time".

Jemima: Ah, yeah. I have it as number 12.

Delta: Wait, was "In My Own Time" even on the record? I thought we put it as the "Lost Without You" B-side?

Jemima: No, I'm pretty sure it was on both...

So both Delta and Jemima got 13 right, but messed up the order of the last 6 songs. But we'll give them 13 points each.

Delta: I need to play these songs more often. It's because at my shows, we always play the hits.

Delta won with 27, but Jemima was just behind on 26 points!

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