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21 Worst Things About Having A Birthday In December

'Tis the season to pay me some attention.

1. Everyone is always away when you're trying to organise a celebration for your birthday.


2. People asking you what presents you want for Christmas and your birthday...

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3. ...though you always get combined presents anyway.

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4. And getting combined birthday and Christmas cards is the worst.


Is it that hard to write two sentences?

5. Even if you get two presents, your birthday one is still wrapped in Christmas paper.

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6. Everyone is always busy with end-of-year stuff, and trying to find a weekend where all your friends are free is impossible.

7. All your friends complain about being broke because they've had to spend all their money on the holidays.


8. Your relatives are usually around, and they want to see you for your birthday, but you just want to drink.

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9. Then there are the relatives who only bother to call you on Christmas and tack a birthday greeting on at the end.

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10. People constantly reminding you, "oh, it must really suck to have a December birthday".


11. Not having a present-worthy occasion to look forward to in the middle of the year.

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12. And when Christmas is over you have to sit through another 360 days until your next celebration.

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13. People wish you a happy birthday but then in the same breath ask about your plans for Christmas and the new year.

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14. It's impossible to book out a restaurant or bar for your birthday, because everywhere is filled up with holiday parties.


15. As a kid, it was school holidays by the time your birthday rolled around, so you never got the attention you wanted.

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16. And you never got that sweet, sweet classroom cake.

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17. People forget your birthday because they have a million other things to think about.


18. It's really expensive to travel any time in December.

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19. You have to spend your birthday surrounded by Christmas decorations.

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20. You end up getting really apathetic about your birthday after years of no one being around to celebrate it...

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21. ...because you’re always getting upstaged by another December baby.

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