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    17 Things You’ll Know If You’re Dating A Ravenclaw

    Wit beyond measure is man's greatest treasure...

    1. We'll always be a great asset on trivia nights.

    2. Though you have to be careful because sometimes we get a little competitive.

    3. An ideal Saturday morning for us consists of doing the newspaper puzzles page.

    4. Though, honestly, we'll probably have finished it in 15 minutes.

    5. We'll usually give you super creative birthday presents that we've made ourselves.

    6. Or some kind of elaborate treasure hunt with obscure clues.

    7. But we're just happy with a big ol' pile of books.

    8. You'll find that we have a lot of friends, because of how accepting we are.

    9. Though that means that some of our friends are quite... eccentric.

    10. We tend to wear a lot of blue, paired with bronze.

    11. And our house probably has a lot of natural light and dark blue furnishings.

    12. We definitely own a lot of books.

    13. We tend to correct your grammar any time you make a mistake, which can get super annoying.

    14. We all speak more than one language.

    15. Whenever you're stuck on anything, you know that we'll always be there to give the best advice.

    16. Though often we'll spout some profound quote that you're not quite sure how to interpret.

    17. But honestly, you're probably just as smart as we are because we're attracted to other intelligent souls.