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    17 Dads Who Literally Just Saved The Day

    Ain't no reflex like a dad reflex.

    1. This dad who knows that even MasterChefs sometimes need help.

    2. This dad who didn't let his nap time get in the way of looking after his kids.

    3. And this dad who thought he had time for a quick scratch.

    4. This dad who is always on his toes, even with rollerskates on.

    5. This dad who probably just set the world record for the 50-metre sprint.

    6. And this dad, who seems to have the arm muscles of some kind of mythical god?

    7. This dad who didn't let his makeover get in the way of his reflexes.

    8. This dad who could sense danger coming.

    9. This dad whose kid just wanted to defy gravity.

    10. This dad who CAUGHT A HOME RUN while holding a baby.

    11. This dad who doesn't even need to use his eyes to save his kid.

    12. This dad who saved his poor little headbanger.

    13. This dad who probably just didn't want to have his car re-paneled.

    14. This dad with lightning-quick reflexes.

    15. This dad who got a little distracted but managed to redeem himself.

    16. This dad who clearly has his priorities in order.

    17. And this dad who proves that you keep your reflexes, no matter how old your kids might get.

    Yay, dads! ❤️