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23 Problems Only Insecure People Will Understand

Another day, another reason to feel like a failure.

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1. You freak out when you're having a one-on-one conversation with someone you don't know very well.


2. You lie in bed at night and replay every conversation you had that day.

3. And if you said something even vaguely embarrassing or wrong, you'll agonise over it for days.


4. You literally cannot be in the same room as anyone you have a crush on because you feel like they're scrutinising your every move.


5. If you see two people laughing, you immediately assume they're laughing at you.

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6. Every now and then you'll remember something really embarassing that happened months ago and you'll consider fleeing the country.

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7. It takes you forever to be comfortable being naked around a new boyfriend/girlfriend.


8. And you can't even think about having sex with the lights on.


9. You need to take at least a hundred selfies before you get one you're happy with.

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10. But then you probably freak out and delete it just after posting.

11. If someone hits on you in a bar you think they're joking or making fun of you.


12. You check your outfit at least seven times in the mirror before you leave the house.

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13. But then you spend the rest of the day regretting your choice.


14. You're constantly comparing yourself to everyone else.


15. And some days, scrolling through social media just makes everything worse.


16. You find one problem with the way the way you look and you obsess over it.

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17. If you have to speak in front of more than three people you get overwhelmed with fear, no matter how well you know the people you're talking to.


18. It's hard to take any risks because you've convinced yourself that you won't succeed.


19. You try so hard not to be the needy one in a relationship, but sometimes you can't help yourself.

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20. You have to stop yourself from reading messages on your S.O.'s phone.

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21. And people always tell you to just get over your insecurity, but it's not that easy.


22. You can't help that this is how you feel.


23. But then, you find someone who shares your feelings and it helps you feel a little better about everything.

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