25 Christmas Trees Which Failed So Hard They Won

    The less effort, the better.

    1. This tree which will light up a room if you've turned all the other lights off.

    2. And this tree which could look legit if you tilt your head and have tunnel vision.

    3. This cone which has both tinsel and lights. Impressive.

    4. This glorious tree which reminds us of the important things in life.

    5. This... twig which will make your pile of presents look ginormous.

    6. This tree which will definitely smell better than a "real one" come January.

    7. This wintery masterpiece.

    8. This pile of needles which will be a lot easier to dispose of than an actual tree.

    9. This genius example of using what you've already got.

    10. And this example of being environmentally friendly and recycling.

    11. This tree which took at least 15 minutes to colour in.

    12. And this one which involved sticking pieces of paper together.

    13. This tree clipping which was definitely super easy to decorate.

    14. This festive take on a (probably stolen) road sign.

    15. This tree which uses TWO kinds of lights.

    16. This tree which is getting into the Christmas ~spirit~.

    17. This tree which uses washi tape, so is definitely cool.

    18. This creative use of green and yellow paper.

    19. This tree which everyone will be looking at, because it's covering the TV.

    20. This, the most student-looking Christmas tree in existence.

    21. This great DIY which can be done on Christmas Eve with whatever you've got in your wallet.

    22. This tree which you can easily roll into a ball and shove into the cupboard until next December.

    23. And this tree which can just be made with what's lying around the morning after a party.

    24. This tree which will get you in the mood for some Christmas quackers.

    25. And this tree, which can also double as Gandalf's staff when you get drunk and start re-creating movies.

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