18 Things All Chicken Nugget Addicts Will Understand

    The only six pack you'll ever need.

    1. When you identify so fucking hard with this kid.

    2. And also with this dog who is a master nugget thief:

    3. When you think about going to the gym, though you know that this is the only six pack you need:

    4. When you know that the involvement of chicken nuggets always makes it a good day.

    5. When this is the way to win you over:

    6. Though you'd never share your stash.

    7. When people ask what superpower you'd want:

    8. When you've honestly considered the option of trying to marry a nugget:

    9. When you can think of a MUCH better way to spend $2500.

    why would someone buy this that is literally 8330 chicken nuggets

    10. When you look at yourself in the mirror while eating nuggs, and your face looks like this:

    11. When this is your personal motto:

    12. When McDonald's accidentally gives you an extra nugget:

    so blessed. so moved. so grateful. cant believe this is my life. never going to take it for granted. always going to give back. thank you

    13. When your family portraits look like this:

    14. And when this is the only palette you need in your life:

    15. When your motivational posters look like this:

    16. When you've seriously considered this:

    17. When your artwork looks something like this:

    18. And when someone asks you what your goals are for the year and you show them this photo: