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18 Of The Most Australian Photos Ever Taken

Where else would you find a pie sanga?

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1. This rite of passage:

2. This true Masterchef creation:

3. This ute upgrade:

Tumblr: tradies2000 / Via

4. This antipasto plate:

5. These youths:

6. This work of art:

Reddit: sydneyrooster2013 / Via

7. This summer weekend:

8. This house party staple:

Reddit: TheIronTrooper / Via

9. This Google Earth view of a school oval:

Google / Via Facebook:

10. This lifesaver:

11. This love letter:

Reddit: iamyogo / Via

12. This sign:

Wikimedia Commons / Via

13. This pun:

Reddit: geobloke / Via

14. This cake stall offering:

15. This birthday cake:

16. This Coles creativity:

17. This advertising slogan:

18. And this car which can only be on the way to schoolies:

Reddit: mr-snrub- / Via