Here’s Proof That Lego Figures Are The Best Tour Guides Of Melbourne

Experience the city from a unique point of view.

1. Instagram user legojacker is putting his extensive Lego minifigure collection to good use. / legojacker

Yarra Valley

2. Let these little men show you Melbourne from a whole new point of view… / legojacker

3. … and give you a great visual tour of the Australian city. / legojacker

4. They’ll show you a great place to party once the sun goes down. / legojacker

The Gin Palace

5. But also some places to get a bit of culture.

National Gallery of Victoria

6. And places where you can just take a time out from busy city life.

7. You can be reassured that the city will always be kept safe from crime. / legojacker

Birrarung Marr

9. Both by superheroes and police.

National Gallery of Victoria

10. Protecting you from baddies like this guy.

11. And from President Business!

The roof of Melbourne Central

12. The Lego men show off some of the city’s beautiful landmarks.

Parliament of Victoria

13. And give us a bit of Australian history.

ANZAC day.

14. But also use Aussie landmarks as a backdrop for other moments in history.

State Library of Victoria

15. And to recreate iconic photos.

‘Construction of the Empire State Building’ shot in Hosier Lane.

16. One of his favourite places to shoot is Hosier Lane…

17. …Which is a cobbled pedestrian laneway filled with vivid street art.

18. Carlton Gardens is also often featured, the Lego men playing amongst the leaves. / legojacker

20. Check out the rest of the photos to complete your city tour.

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