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22 Reasons That Every Cat Owner Needs To Have A Glass Table

The best way to view a cat.

1. Cats have been scientifically proven* to be the cutest animals on the planet.

2. But they're potentially at their most adorable when you see them through the bottom of a glass table.

3. Some of them look so damn confused about what's happening.

4. "How am I not falling through this?"

5. "No, really, what is happening here?"

6. And look at their cute little paws!

7. And their cute little belly fluffs!!!!

8. There is literally no better way to view a cat.

9. "This glass is the perfect place for a cat nap."

10. "Seriously, I'm never moving."

11. "I live up here now."

12. "Bow down to me, human."

13. "Looking down at the peasants."

14. And it's even better when they get up onto a skylight.

15. "How did I get on the roof?"

16. "Oh well."

17. So, cat owners of the world, it's time to get rid of all your normal tables.

18. From now on, you may only have glass.

19. And that way you'll get photos like this.

20. And you'll wonder what you were ever doing with opaque tables in the first place.

21. Because photos of cats on glass are the only cat photos you need.

22. "Meow."

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