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    Captain Planet Has Weighed In On The Australian Same-Sex Marriage Vote

    The power is OURS.

    I bet you thought that Captain Planet was just one of those iconic '90s shows that had been lost to the ages, never to be relevant again.

    DIC Entertainment

    Well, with one Facebook post, the show has put itself back on our radar and straight into our hearts.

    "Without heart, there would be no Captain Planet!", the caption reads. "Australia, you have only 14 days to make sure you are enrolled to vote for the postal vote on same sex marriage: THE POWER IS YOURS!"

    For some context: Australia is currently A Giant Mess. The government is planning on spending $122 million on a voluntary postal vote to legalise same-sex marriage nationwide. Australians have to make sure they're enrolled to vote, and only have two weeks to do so, otherwise we don't get a say.

    Captain Planet wants to make sure that every Aussie remembers to enrol.

    DIC Entertainment

    And he also had no time for any haters in the comments.


    The power is OURS.

    DIC Entertainment

    Australians, make sure you're enrolled to vote by going here.

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