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23 Times Callie Torres Was The Best Part Of "Grey's Anatomy"

Queen of dancing in her underwear.

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1. First of all, she's strong as fuck.

Remember when she went through a windscreen while heavily pregnant?

3. And let's be real, she has been through A LOT.


She was married to George, who she later divorced after he slept with Izzie. Then George died, and she realised she was bisexual and hooked up with Hahn, who disappeared. Then she got together with Arizona, who left for Africa. So she slept with Mark, got pregnant, got back together with Arizona, was in a near-fatal car accident, and gave birth to Sofia. Then her baby daddy died in a plane crash, Arizona lost her leg, then cheated on her, and they got married and bought a house. Then they broke up and she fought for sole custody and lost. And here we are. What a fighter.


6. She blessed us with this, one of the greatest ever scenes on Grey's.


17. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥


Goodbye, Callie. ❤️