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    3 Aug 2015

    Can You Pass A Basic Spelling Test?


    What do you call these things that cut paper?

    And what about this place where you go out to eat?

    How do you spell this thing which keeps track of dates?

    What about this place which may or may not be haunted?

    Or this thing you lift in the gym?

    What is this nice sparkly stuff? (Both UK and US spelling accepted.)

    And what are these called?

    How do you spell the name of that place where you can borrow books?

    What do you call someone who is the head of a school?

    What's this thing you get at the store when you buy something?

    How do you spell this?

    What's this thing which ~really sucks~?

    And how do you spell hump day's real name?

    What do you call the guy who drives rich people around?

    And what's the name of the temperature measurement that's not Celsius?

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