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    McDonald's Is Selling Activewear And It's Everything You Ever Dreamed Of

    More like MACTIVEWEAR amirite?

    As soon as you think McDonald's, you straightaway think of exercise, right?



    Well, just in time for the Olympics, McDonald's Australia is releasing a limited edition ~Legendswear~ range as a collaboration with Aussie brand We Are Handsome.


    If you look really close, the print features hotcakes, hash browns, and McMuffins.

    And honestly, it's super cool.


    (Please note the drawstring on the pants which will come in handy after you've demolished a six-pack of nuggets and a Big Mac meal while watching the swimming finals and wondering why you're not an athlete.)

    The activewear goes on sale Sunday night (31st July) at 8pm on eBay.

    All proceeds from the clothing will go to Ronald McDonald House Charities.

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