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18 Kiwi Burgers You Need To Try ASAP

Small country, but no shortage of great burger joints.

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1. The White Lady, Auckland

The White Lady is an icon of Auckland city- a huge white bus serving up delicious burgers all night long. You really can't say no to a 24-hour burger bar.

2. Food Truck Garage, Auckland

This delightful little truck drives around Auckland serving up healthy, wholesome, and- most importantly- super tasty burgers.


3. Big J's Takeaway, Auckland

Big J's make their own buns and sauces so you're guaranteed a unique flavour that you won't quickly forget!

4. Burger Burger, Auckland

You can't go past Burger Burger for simple, huge hamburgers which always hit the spot. Make sure you try one of their old-fashioned milkshakes. Yum.

5. Murder Burger, Auckland

Murder is all about using the freshest ingredients to create burgers that are more works of art than just a meal.

6. Gone Burgers, Kaiteriteri

Obviously the location is unbeatable, and their burgers are fine as hell also. Pumpkin seeds on a hamburger bun work out surprisingly well.

7. Grill Meats Beer, Wellington

Possibly the juiciest burgers in Wellington, GMB also offers a huge array of beers that pair perfectly with your grub.


8. Fork & Brewer, Wellington

Fork & Brewer is mostly know for their beer tasting plates, but their burgers really are the hidden star. The perfect balance of greasy and juicy, with a side of crispy hand cut chips.

9. Ekim, Wellington

Another food truck, Ekim feeds the hungry masses on Cuba Street with their unique and flavourful burger masterpieces. Make sure you check out their pairing of blue cheese and jalapeƱos.

10. Duke Carvell's Emporium, Wellington

Duke's burgers are simply unforgettable. Their classic double cheeseburger has a milk steamed bun which sounds weird but tastes so damn good.

11. Monterey, Wellington

Monterey is a stand out diner with classic burgers made with house-smoked meats. Plus they have Scrabble.

12. Burger Liquor, Wellington

The atmostphere at Burger Liquor is almost as great as their burgers are. Served on brioche buns, theres a great range from pork to beef, and even a quinoa burger.


13. Burgers & Beers, Inc., Christchurch

Think super fresh, local organic ingredients crafted into simple yet overwhelmingly delicious burgers.

14. The Fox and Ferret, Christchurch

The Fox and Ferret is the perfect location for whiling away a long Sunday afternoon. Their burgers are superb, and have everyone in Christchurch craving them.

15. Ferg Burger, Queenstown

Ferg Burger is definitely the best burger joint in the whole country, and probably the whole world too. A Queenstown institution, they're open 21 hours a day and have a huge menu, meaning you can keep going back every day if you want.

16. Devil Burger, Queenstown

It's not easy to compete with the burger monolith that is Ferg, but Devil's certainly come close. Their burgers are almost as big as your head but you won't want to leave any of it behind on your plate.

17. Velvet Burger, Dunedin

Velvet is dedicated to providing amazing burgers using fresh local ingredients, and also have a huge range of beers to suit any palate.

18. Burger Wisconsin, nationwide

Wisconsin's simple burgers taste anything but bland. With a huge range of different flavours, including chicken with camembert and cranberry sauce, it's literally impossible not to find something you'll love.


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