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    Blake Lively Went To Taylor Swift's Concert And Then They Went On Roller Coasters Together

    “I got a Blake space baby, and I’ll write your name."

    At Taylor Swift's Brisbane concert last Saturday, fans were tweeting that Blake Lively was in the audience.

    Blake Lively was spotted in the crowd at the show tonight! #1989TourBrisbane

    At first we were like, "Surely that's just some other tall, blonde lady."

    BUT! Turns out we were wrong! Here is a photo of these two goddesses hanging out at Warner Brothers Movie World on the Gold Coast.

    Blake is currently in Australia filming her new movie, The Shallows, on Lord Howe Island.

    Earlier this year, Blake was accused of ~throwing shade~ at Tay with this Instagram caption.

    But then she then quickly revealed that she loves Tay just as much as the rest of the planet, and even has a "Taylor Swift Please Be My Wife Voo Doo Doll".

    Looks like it worked, because I guess these two are BFFs now?!

    If only Tay had brought her out on stage for "Style" instead of having to slum it in the audience like the rest of us.

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