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19 Things That Happen When You Can Drive But Your Friends Can't

"You got that gas money?"

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1. Your friends are constantly asking you to drive them places.

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2. And whenever you get an invite to somewhere far away, you can’t help but wonder if your friend just wants a lift.

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3. You find yourself being the designated driver all too often...


4. ...and you realise that it’s not fun being the only sober one.

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5. Especially when it hits 11pm and you just want to go home but you promised like four different people that you’d give them a lift.


6. And driving drunk idiots home is never fun.


7. People want you to help them move house.

No matter how much beer you promise me, it's not happening!

No matter how much beer you promise me, it's not happening!

8. All your friends suggest exciting road trips but you know it’ll suck because you’ll have to do all the driving.

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9. You end up spending all your money on petrol...


10. ...and your friends aren't exactly clamouring to help you out.

11. When someone complains about your driving and you're like, "?????"

You're welcome for the free taxi ride?????????
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You're welcome for the free taxi ride?????????

12. Or, even worse, when they tell you how to merge or that you should be checking your blind spots.

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13. And then they'll try to give you directions but they just don't know what they're talking about.

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14. You hate to be that person who doesn't let people eat in your car.

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15. But you can't stand the thought of tiny crumbs getting in every crack.


16. And your car just ends up being full of takeaway containers and trash.


17. Though the worst is when you drive your mates to the beach.

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^ Like this but in your car.

18. Your friends never seem to understand the rule that the driver chooses the music.

19. But at the end of the day, at least you don't have to catch public transport.

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