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    31 Things All Best Friends Of 20 Years Will Understand

    You can't remember where half of your in-jokes came from.

    1. You literally know all of each other's secrets.

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    Even the stupid high school secrets that you both swore that you'd take to your grave.

    2. And though you may jokingly threaten to reveal them, you both know you never would.


    Because they definitely have dirt on you too.

    3. On more than one occasion, you've hung out with your BFF's parents on your own.

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    And it wasn't weird at all.

    4. You can hold a conversation without uttering a single word.

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    It's all in knowing each other's ~looks~.

    5. Something will happen, and at the same time, you'll both say to each other, "Remember that time...?", and then dissolve into laughter.


    6. In fact, you'll often both say the same thing at the same time.


    7. Because you're both always on the same wavelength.


    Seriously, it's almost ET-like how in tune you are.

    8. You know that there are some things that you can tease them about...


    ...but there are some things that are totally off limits and you just can't bring them up.

    9. You know all of each other's flaws and weird habits that no one else sees.

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    And it makes you love each other even more.

    10. You can go two months without speaking and it's like no time has passed.

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    11. And you both know that even if you lived in different states, you'd still be just as close.


    12. You can tell them literally anything without fear of judgement.

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    They might laugh at you a bit. But they won't ever judge.

    13. You have strange nicknames for each other.

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    Though neither of you can quite remember where they started.

    14. You insult each other on a regular basis.

    15. You've probably had at least one physical fight.


    16. And you've had a ridiculous number of fights over completely stupid things.


    But you always get over it, and laugh about how dumb you both were.

    17. You've worn couple's costumes for at least one party.


    18. You've also accidentally both worn the exact same thing without meaning to.


    19. You've definitely stolen each other's clothes, even if you're the opposite gender.

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    20. You either text each other non-stop all day, or you don't text for two whole weeks.


    All or nothing, baby.

    21. You have some cracker photos together that you've both vowed will never see the light of day.


    22. You've seen each other have a drunk vom on many occasions.


    And you've taken care of each other countless times after a huge night out.

    23. You have the same favourite shows.


    Basically because you force your BFF to watch all the shows you love, and vice versa.

    24. If you don't already know them, you could definitely guess your BFF's passwords.

    Or at the very least, answer all their secret questions.

    25. You always, always know when they're lying.


    They literally can't keep anything from you. And that's the way it should be.

    26. They are the ONLY person who can talk shit about your family.

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    27. Your inside jokes have progressed to the point where they no longer make any sense.

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    Bu they still make you laugh every damn time.

    28. When they get a partner, you'll tease them mercilessly for all the mushy couple things that they do.


    29. But when your BFF gets a new friend, you get weirdly jealous and protective.


    Hop off my territory, bitch.

    30. Though you know that there is actually nothing that could ever come between you.


    31. Because 20 years is a really, really long time.


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