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    32 Gifts That'll Make This Summer Even More Awesome

    You know you've always wanted your own soft serve machine.

    1. This soft serve maker.

    2. This USB desktop fridge.

    3. This hose attatchment which lets you fill up and tie 100 water balloons in under a minute

    4. This pool float.

    5. These mermaid fins.

    6. This serving bowl.

    7. These ice cubes.

    8. This bottle-opener ring.

    9. Or this one you can keep on your fridge.

    10. This backyard water slide.

    11. This inflatable swan.

    12. Custom BBQ meat brander.

    13. This water bottle.

    14. This fruit tapping kit.

    15. This wine cooler.

    16. This sun jar.

    17. These pool lights.

    18. This foldable BBQ.

    19. This super fast icypole maker.

    20. This wine glass.

    21. This phone-recharging pouch.

    22. This shots mould.

    23. This BBQ pizza stone.

    24. This pizza cutter / spatula.

    25. This underwater mp3 player.

    26. This drink dispensing backpack.

    27. This waterproof floating speaker ball.

    28. This giant gummy bear.

    29. These floating drink holders.

    30. This portable suitcase record player.

    31. This photo printer.

    32. This snowcone machine.