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An Explanation Of Australian Slang, For The Rest Of The World

Sit down, it's time to learn.

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Speaking of stereotypes, there are a few things that we really, really don't say. We don't say "shrimp on the barbie". We call shrimps prawns, though we do call barbecues "barbies". Sometimes.

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I don't think any of us will forgive this knob for tricking everyone into thinking it's actual Aussie slang.


When we say BBQ, we're referring to a) the outdoor cooker and also b) the event of having people round to your place to eat food cooked on the outdoor cooker. "I'm firing up the BBQ for dinner" and "You going to Dazza's BBQ on Sunday?" are both acceptable sentences.

We don't call it a grill, and we don't call it a cookout. Also, "barbecue" doesn't refer to a type of food, like it does in America. If you try to tell an Aussie that a restaurant serves "barbecue food" you'll make a damn fool of yourself.

Though, we do swear a lot.


We've got a lot of proverbs and sayings, which you just have to get on board with.

And even basic sentences probably don't make sense to outsiders. For example, "yeah, nah, that's heaps dog but" means "that's rude/unfair".

If you get confused, just ask for help. Though you might just get even deeper into a hole of slang.