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    22 Times Australian Newspapers Had The Most Bizarre Headlines On The Planet

    Do you reckon any other country's media outlets call people "deadset dickheads"?

    1. First off, there was the time that a bunch of neighbours called the cops when they thought someone was being murdered, but it was just a spider:

    2. Then there was this idea, which definitely came up after a couple of drinks:

    3. The one thing to know about Aussie papers — we're not afraid to call people what they are:

    4. In fact, we had a good three month period where every paper was calling lockdown-breakers "COVIDIOTS":

    5. Speaking of which, around that time there was a lot of TP shortages...leading to headlines like this:

    6. There's this bonkers story, which probably came about after the bloke realised Khe Sanh wasn't on the system:

    7. And on the topic of wild nights, we present:

    8. Surely this one had to have come about after Noop Snoopy lost a bet, right?

    9. If this headline wasn't enough, it was paired with one of the most Aussie Bloke™ photos ever taken:

    10. But let's face it, if there's one thing Aussie men love, it's a good old mullet:

    11. This is definitely a very Aussie thing to do:

    12. And so is this:

    13. Okay, who remembers the time that Trump hung up on Malcolm Turnbull (our then dumbass PM), then blasted him on Twitter, while calling him the wrong name?!

    14. Meanwhile, it's the subhead on this one for me:

    15. This one sounds almost like some kind of dumb Reddit joke, tbh:

    16. And this is definitely one of those "only in Australia, or maybe also Florida" headlines:

    17. We're not too sure how this one stood up as a legal plea, but it does make a good headline:

    18. Is this a news article, or a summary of what I do when I'm having a mini life crisis?

    19. Even food reporting in Australia looks a little different:

    20. And it really covers both ends of the spectrum:

    21. Though you can't forget about our drink culture as well:

    22. And finally...not sure what's going on here, but we promise this isn't a daily occurrence: