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    19 Foods That You Remember Enjoying Much More When You Were A Child

    A moment of silence for the Pizza Hut buffet dessert station.

    1. Hot chips after swimming

    Hot chips with tomato sauce. A day at the beach. #melbourne #williamstown

    Twitter: @LizPata

    There's something particularly intoxicating about the chlorine-y scent of an indoor pool that just makes me crave hot chips drowning in tomato sauce. Anyone else?

    2. Red cordial at your friend's place

    3. Anything from a cake stall

    One of the (many) things I love about polling day is coming back to our kidsโ€™ primary school. Especially when the cake stall is on point!!! #ausvotes19

    Twitter: @jharleyaus

    There was nothing worse than forgetting your gold coin on cake stall day. Top tier purchases were toffees, chocolate crackles and butterfly cupcakes.

    4. A Women's Weekly Birthday cake

    Twitter: @Tweet_Ti / Via Twitter: @Tweet_Ti, Twitter: @erinrileyau / Via Twitter: @erinrileyau

    As adults we all have our favourites โ€” the race track, the Barbie dress, the swimming pool. But let's face it, as kids, we would have taken literally any of them.

    5. A Wendy's Iceberg

    This is my favourite Summer drink from Wendy's, it's a Blue Iceberg!

    Twitter: @RealistMichelle

    I don't know why Macca's hasn't started selling their own version of Icebergs, which were just blue or red slushies topped with a dollop of soft serve. Iconic.

    6. Ginger beer

    treating myself to a cool, refreshing, bundaberg ginger beer :)

    Twitter: @emily_dawnxo

    Let's face it: As kids, we didn't drink ginger beer for the taste, we drank it for the name. The novelty of drinking "beer" didn't wear off 'til at least your teens.

    7. Pizza Hut buffet

    The Pizza Hut dessert buffet was a magical wonderland as a kid.

    Twitter: @Morgan_C_Ross

    A moment's silence please, for the Pizza Hut buffet. If we didn't lose it to time, we would have lost it to COVID eventually, I guess. This was the place for your primary school birthday parties and if you and your mates didn't make a super sundae with all the toppings (sweet and savoury) and dare each other to eat it, then what was even the point of going?

    8. A cola Chupa Chup

    Chupa Chups

    As a kid, if you scored the Coke-flavour Chupa Chup out of an assorted bag, it was like winning the lottery. Especially if your parents didn't let you drink Coke.

    9. Mini cereal boxes

    Why is there something SO JOYFUL about a mini box of cereal ๐Ÿ˜‚

    Twitter: @cupcake_coaster

    Saved for special occasions like school holidays or road trips, there was something so thrilling about eating cereal that came from a tiny box.

    10. Wizz Fizz

    Wizz Fizz... Like a weird, fizzy, Australian Fun Dip... Minus the stick... Instead you get a mini shovel. #Australia

    Twitter: @KrisWilliams

    In hindsight, Wizz Fizz is kinda gross, but as kids we were mainlining that stuff right down our throats and absolutely thriving.

    11. Fish fingers

    Because I am a grownup I am having fish fingers for my dinner.

    Twitter: @Mcfarlmo

    When your mum served up fish fingers and tomato sauce for dinner, it felt like a special treat. Now it just tastes like depression or being a broke uni student.

    12. Frankfurters dipped in tomato sauce

    Centre State Food Service / Via

    Similarly, those bright red mini franks were an absolute birthday party staple back in the day, but now they're highly questionable.  

    13. A devon sandwich

    Nature perfect food: a Devon and sauce sandwich

    Twitter: @DocinOz62

    Speaking of mystery meat, there was something just so damn tasty about devon and t-sauce lunchbox sambos. Honestly, I'd still enjoy one now, but I might hesitate for just half a second, wondering wtf I'm actually eating.

    14. Bakers Delight finger buns

    Facebook: Bakers Delight

    A pink finger bun โ€” or the one covered in 100s and 1000s โ€” just hit so different as a kid. Probably because you hadn't yet figured out it was just a hot dog roll covered in icing. 

    15. Macca's breakfast before a trip

    Twitter: @JoviiiGirl

    Of course, as adults, we all still froth for a Macca's breakfast, especially after a big night. But nothing will compare to the joy and excitement that came when you had it as a child, either at the airport or at the beginning of a family road trip.

    16. And then anything you get from a country bakery on that road trip

    Went for a drive and got a pie, vanilla slice and neenish tart in Kyneton. Fun adventures are fun!

    Twitter: @kixystix

    Nothing, nothing beats a country bakery. From sausage rolls and meat pies to Neenish tarts and towering vanilla slices, it was always the thing that got you most excited on a road trip.

    17. Rissoles and frozen veg

    Twitter: @phonakins

    Another classic meal that always hit the spot, there was something about a dinner of Mum's rissoles with a side of broccoli and carrots that just really hit the spot.

    18. And finally, musk sticks

    Flickr / Via Flickr: waderockett

    As an adult, these are just chalky sticks that taste like cleaning supplies. But as a kid, a lolly was a lolly, so a musk stick was just as valuable as a red frog.

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