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Listen Up USA, Your Food Kinda Sucks Compared To Australia's

Lol you can keep those Twinkies.

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Listen up America, we need to talk. You guys seem to be under the impression that you've got the greatest food in the entire world.

And while we thank you for your mac 'n' cheese and your delicious s'mores, it's time that you guys face the facts. Australian food is just superior.

First of all, you will never create anything that is as good as a Tim Tam.

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Yeah, Oreos are fine. Sure, chocolate chip cookies are nice. But once you eat a Tim Tam, you'll never be satisfied with anything else again.

Now, let's have a look at the sausage-and-bread category. Compare the pair:

On the left we have an iconic Aussie delicacy. Fresh white sandwich bread, a perfectly grilled sausage, onions, and some tomato sauce. Then on the right, we have a salty AF boiled meat tube, encased in sugary bread and topped with fake-tasting mustard. I think I know which one's better.


Allen's lollies are far superior to that candy rubbish you guys are always going on about.

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And it's truly so sad that you guys can't just head to Woolies and pick up a stash like this.