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    28 Aussie Experiences That Will Reveal You’ve Never Done Anything Unique In Your Life

    We are one, indeed.

    1. Trying to stream a show on 10 Play and having to sit through 10 minutes of ads for every 5 minutes of show.

    2. Getting a Viennetta for dessert as a kid when it was a birthday or a special occasion.

    3. Waiting for your neighbours to put their bins out on garbage night before you do, in case you've got the week wrong.

    4. Secretly knowing all our Big Things are kinda shit, but needing to defend them to any foreigner who drags 'em.

    5. Silently judging Americans who call it "Mel-born" or "Bondee" Beach — even though they have no frame of reference for how to say it. And besides, you probably pronounce Arkansas with an S.

    6. Being weirdly sentimental about discontinued foods, even if you only ate them one time, like, 10 years ago.

    7. Absolutely loading butter onto everything — potatoes, pasta, veggies — but being pretty stingy with it when it comes to toast.

    8. Needing to comment "How's the serenity?" when you arrive somewhere even remotely serene.

    9. Walking past EB Games and saying, "Oh, do you reckon there's a sale on? Ha ha ha!"

    10. Feeling the deep need to join in on the scallop/cake debate, even though you literally couldn't actually give a shit.

    This country will never be united if we can't reach agreement on potato scallop or potato cake. It's scallop btw

    Twitter: @LouiseASaunders

    11. Having deep and meaningful conversations at 1 a.m. around this specific outdoor table.

    12. Swearing allegiance to either Coles or Woolies at a young age and not wanting to deviate ever in your life.

    13. Speaking of Coles...always getting a slight tweak of annoyance every time you see Curtis Stone's face — even though you're not quite sure why.

    14. And speaking of Curtis Stone lol, how about yelling at the people on MasterChef for using the hibachi wrong, even though you definitely overcooked your pasta yesterday.

    15. Being bribed by your mum after school with Bakers Delight finger buns or a Wendy's cone when she took you to run errands.

    16. Going to buy something online only to abandon the order as soon as you see the shipping cost.

    17. Going to the bottle-o in the middle of summer and remarking to the cashier, "Geez, it's nice in the cool room."

    37C outside. Might have to shoot down the bottle-o and tell a shoppy how lucky they are to work in the cool room

    Twitter: @Ex_spurt

    18. Knowing that you'll remember the phone number for Lube Mobile until the day you die.

    19. Driving through a country town and feeling a strong need to get a pie or a lamington from the bakery.

    you can name any rural town in australia and say "they've got a bloody good pasty there" and no one will ever challenge you

    Twitter: @piss_river_fc

    20. Running to the dance floor when you hear the opening violins of "Untouched."

    21. Getting low-key annoyed when everyone online says that we say "naur" even though we do, in fact, say naur.

    Twitter: @oohdope

    22. Bringing in as much duty-free booze as you can every time you go overseas, because even Dan Murphy's is overpriced.

    23. Forgetting your myGov password every single time, so you never end up checking your inbox.

    Eddie Mcguire: For $1 million, what is your MyGov password? Me: Ah fuck

    Twitter: @Mesut_Ausil

    24. Getting surprised every single year when winter comes along, like, how is it actually this cold?

    25. And desperately going to Kmart during a summer heat wave and finding that all the fans are sold out, so you have to go to Harvey Norman instead.

    26. Drinking in a pool listening to the Hottest 100, and yelling "I voted for this" every time one of your Top 10 comes on.

    Peppa pig released one of the most forward thinking pop records last year and I hope that is reflected in the #Hottest100 x

    Twitter: @Gxbriellemxry

    27. Watching Huey or Ready Steady Cook when you were home sick from school as a kid.

    Twitter: @lebagrecycle

    28. And finally, singing "Hey Baby" at a festival or concert even when it has zero relevance to the act you're watching.

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