A Definitive Ranking Of Australian Breakfast Cereals

Start your day the Australian way.

19. All Bran

It looks like rabbit food and tastes like soggy cardboard. It doesn’t even deserve the prestigious title of cereal.

18. Uncle Toby’s Oats

Pretty standard, pretty boring. Sure, you can get the different flavours to mix it up a little, but it’s still just porridge.

17. Sustain

The poor cousin of Just Right. When you get an 8-pack of fun size cereal boxes, Sustain is always the one left over.

16. Honey Weets

The rad bee on the box gives hope of a delicious and sweet honey cereal. Unfortunately the reality is a sticky bowl of slightly flavoured puffs with the texture of wadded-up paper.

15. Carman’s Museli

The muesli for people who are comfortable paying $7 for a small box. Tastes alright but a bit bland compared to other mueslis.

14. Plus

You’d think it’d be a healthy option, but a bowl of this bad boy has more sugar than a bowl of Crunchy Nut. And I know which one I’d prefer.

13. Corn Flakes

One of the first breakfast cereals ever invented, and it hasn’t really changed since then. Still tasty, but a bit mundane.

12. Rice Bubbles

A breakfast staple, but pretty boring. The only thing that makes it better than cornflakes is that it comes with sound effects.

11. Sultana Bran

One of those ‘meh’ cereals that you’ll eat if it’s there, but probably won’t go out of your way to always have at home.

10. Froot Loops

A sure-fire way to guarantee a sugar coma by 11am.

9. Be Natural Cereal

For a “healthy” cereal, it tastes alright. All natural ingredients, full of fruit, and with fancy flavour combinations.

8. Crunchy Nut Clusters

You think Crunchy Nut is good? These amazing balls of flavour and crunch take it to a whole other dimension. Loses points though for being almost too sweet at eat first thing in the morning.

7. Frosties

Sugary cornflakes! According to Tony the Tiger, they’re grrreat!

6. Weet-Bix

The original breakfast of champions. If you don’t like Weet-Bix, you need to hand in your Australian passport pronto.

5. Coco Pops

Just like a chocolate milkshake… only crunchy! Try the expert level experience, and have them with chocolate milk. Super chocolatey goodness.

4. Weet-Bix Bites

Bite-sized Weet-Bix, but with more flavour! Crunchy Honey is definitely the best.

3. Milo Cereal

The food version of Australia’s favourite milk drink. Where could it go wrong?

2. Just Right

The perfect balance of oats, fruit and flakes. Not too sweet, not too bland. Doesn’t get too soggy and it works with soy milk as well. Plus Kellogg’s created it in the 1980s specifically for health-conscious Australians.

1. Nutri-Grain

IRON MAN FOOD! The breakfast favoured by surfers and athletes, as depicted by the ads. Plus, the pieces are designed to look like cricket bats with three holes. Can you get more Aussie than that?

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Jemima Skelley is a senior writer for BuzzFeed and is based in Sydney.
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