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A Definitive Ranking Of Australian Breakfast Cereals

Start your day the Australian way.

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16. Honey Weets

The rad bee on the box gives hope of a delicious and sweet honey cereal. Unfortunately the reality is a sticky bowl of slightly flavoured puffs with the texture of wadded-up paper.

8. Crunchy Nut Clusters

You think Crunchy Nut is good? These amazing balls of flavour and crunch take it to a whole other dimension. Loses points though for being almost too sweet at eat first thing in the morning.

2. Just Right

The perfect balance of oats, fruit and flakes. Not too sweet, not too bland. Doesn't get too soggy and it works with soy milk as well. Plus Kellogg's created it in the 1980s specifically for health-conscious Australians.

1. Nutri-Grain

IRON MAN FOOD! The breakfast favoured by surfers and athletes, as depicted by the ads. Plus, the pieces are designed to look like cricket bats with three holes. Can you get more Aussie than that?

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