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23 Foods Every Australian Will Remember From Their Childhood

It's not an Australian lunchbox without a room-temperature Go-Gurt and an Uncle Tobys muesli bar.

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1. Pizza Roundas from the canteen that had insides hotter than the surface of the sun.

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2. Freddo jelly cups which were never the right consistency.

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3. And Freddo ice cream cakes which hardly had enough Freddo heads per slice.

4. Vegemite sandwiches with too much butter, given to you on school camp.

5. Potato smiles, which we all took for granted and didn't realise would have made the perfect drunk food.

6. Toffees which cost 50 cents and had the potential to shatter a back molar.

7. And chocolate crackles which were the staple of every school cake stall.

8. Space Food Sticks which were disgusting but somehow exotic.


9. Roll-Ups with cartoon characters printed on them.

Uncle Tobys

10. Mamee noodles which were delicious even though they were literally just dried noodles.

11. Chewy muesli bars – you always begged your mum for the choc chip ones but you often ended up with forest fruits.

12. Ovalteenies that tasted like chalk but were close enough to chocolate to make them worth eating.

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13. Go-Gurt which were room-temperature by recess time, despite your mum's best efforts with a freezer block in your lunch box.


14. Milk Arrowroot biscuits covered in Nutella or icing, which was always a lazy person's offering to a cake stall or birthday party.

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15. Eucalyptus drops which were the only "lolly" you were allowed to eat in class because you could just tell the teacher you had a sore throat.

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16. Fizzers, which were the perfect thing to get from the corner store if you only had $1.

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17. Bubblegum tape which you definitely put the entirety of in your mouth on at least one occasion.

18. Mini cereal boxes that your mum would buy you on holidays and you'd feel luxe as hell.


19. An Agro cone at Wendy's which was always your favourite even though the toppings weren't that great.


20. Bega Stringers which you'd try to peel into the smallest strings possible.

21. And Babybels, the cheese with a questionable flavour but extremely fun packaging.

22. Milky bar chocolate that came in single, flat rectangles, with different characters on each one.


23. And Cyclone ice blocks which were so much better than your standard red or white Icy Poles.

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