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    31 Reasons Australia Is So Much More Than Just Its Beaches

    Bondi is nothing compared to the beauty you can find inland.

    There is no denying that Australia has amazing beaches.

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    Arguably, we have some of the best beaches in the world.

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    But in reality, we're so much more than that.

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    1. Let's start in the Blue Mountains, which offers up rolling hills and beautiful vistas as far as the eye can see.

    Zetter / Getty Images

    2. And let's not forget its stunning rock formations.

    Johncarnemolla / Getty Images

    3. While we're still in New South Wales, let's go check out the Hunter Valley.

    Duha127 / Getty Images

    4. Absolutely stunning, and with not even a beach in sight.

    Zetter / Getty Images

    5. Then we've got the breathtaking Mt Kosciuszko, which looks beautiful with, or without snow.

    Flickr: snapped_up / Via Creative Commons

    6. Let's head on down to South Australia, where there are outstanding views for miles.

    Fotofritz16 / Getty Images

    7. And enjoy a breathtaking desert sunset like this one over Coober Pedy.

    Tony Feder / Getty Images

    8. While we're in SA, lets kick back with a glass of wine at one of the many unbelievable wineries in the area.


    9. Or cool down in a refreshing rocky creek.

    Marco Saracco

    10. Heading east, we can see that Victoria is home to some impressive mountains.

    Filedimage / Getty Images

    11. And of course, some great architecture.

    Benkrut / Getty Images

    12. See, Australia knows how to have fun without beaches!

    Tony Feder

    13. We've got lakes...

    Flickr: 101643643@N08 / Via Creative Commons

    14. ...waterfalls...

    Jordieasy / Getty Images

    15. ...and magical swimming holes.

    16. Tasmania knows what's up.

    Tony Feder

    17. It might be small, but it sure puts on an impressive show.

    Benjamin Goode / Getty Images

    18. Western Australia certainly knows what's up.

    Totajla / Getty Images

    19. Delivering us stunning rock formations...

    Super_harry / Getty Images

    20. ...and a lake which is ACTUALLY PINK!

    Konrad Mostert / Getty Images

    21. We've got adorable wildlife...

    Jam3s / Getty Images

    22. ... which are completely unique to Australia.

    Marco3t / Getty Images

    23. Let's continue our tour up to the Northern Territory, where the red sand is a spectacular sight against the bright blue sky.

    Greenantphoto / Getty Images

    24. The roads are seemingly endless...

    Totajla / Getty Images

    25. And the views are quintessentially Australian, despite the obvious lack of beaches.

    Enrico Della Pietra / Getty Images

    26. The views in Queensland are a little different...

    Gevision / Getty Images

    27. ... but still are just as magnificent.

    Wirepec / Getty Images

    28. Australia is chockers with overwhelmingly beautiful scenery...

    jovannig / Getty Images

    29. ... which is so damn diverse that it might mess with your head.

    Moodboard / Getty Images

    30. But I think that we can agree on one thing for certain.

    Shells1 / Getty Images

    31. Australia is so much more than just its coastline.

    Troyana / Getty Images

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