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    18 Extraordinary Aussie Road Trips You Need To Experience Before You Die

    From deserts to beaches, Australia has some of the greatest sights in the world.

    1. Adelaide to Uluru

    2. Great Ocean Road

    3. Great Alpine Stretch

    4. Sydney to Brisbane

    5. Cairns to Cape York

    6. The Great Green Way

    7. Hobart to Freycinet National Park

    8. The Huon Trail

    9. Darwin to Katherine

    10. Uluru to Kings Canyon

    11. Central Arnhem Highway

    12. Sydney to Jervis Bay

    13. Victoria Goldfields Route

    14. Kosciuszko Alpine Way

    15. The Savannah Way

    16. Nullarbor Plain

    17. Gibb River Road

    18. Perth to Exmouth