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    18 Extraordinary Aussie Road Trips You Need To Experience Before You Die

    From deserts to beaches, Australia has some of the greatest sights in the world.

    1. Adelaide to Uluru

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    This trip is regarded by some as the ultimate Outback road trip. Pass through Coober Pedy to explore underground accommodation and opal mines, and enjoy spectacular desert scenery on your way.

    2. Great Ocean Road

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    If you ask any Australian to name a road trip route, this will almost certainly be first on the list. Wind around the coastline between Melbourne and Adelaide, visit the legendary Bells Beach, and admire the stunning ocean views and Twelve Apostles – while they're still there.

    3. Great Alpine Stretch

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    The scenery of Victoria's high country is off-the-chart spectacular. Think mountain peaks covered with snow in winter, and wildflowers in summer. Bushwalk trails are plentiful, as are ski fields and lakeside picnic areas.

    4. Sydney to Brisbane

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    This stunning coastal drive will take you up the Central Coast, through the Northern Rivers region and Byron Bay, and into sunny Queensland. Though the drive itself is just over ten hours, allow yourself a few days or a week to casually creep up the coast and explore the many beach towns.

    5. Cairns to Cape York

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    Everyone needs to explore Far North Queensland at some point. This 1000km trip is probably best to do with a 4WD as there are some rough roads, but it is well worth it. Bring a tent and camping supplies as there are plenty of beautiful camping spots along the way. Don't forget the mozzie spray!

    6. The Great Green Way

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    This trip between Townsville and Cairns is all lush tropical rainforests, beautiful sandy beaches, and clear waterfalls. Doesn't it all sound perfect? This route showcases Australia's outstanding beauty, and includes two World Heritage listings- the Great Barrier Reef and the Wet Tropics Rainforests.

    7. Hobart to Freycinet National Park

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    Drive north out of Hobart up to Tasmania's stunning Freycinet National Park. Walk out to Wineglass Bay, enjoy the peaceful sounds of nature and stroll along the white beaches. Though this route could feasibly be a day trip, it might be better over two days to savour the experience.

    8. The Huon Trail

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    No matter where you go in Tasmania, you'll always be rewarded with breathtaking views. The roads south of Hobart will take you past mountains, coastal cliffs and apple orchards. There's no shortage of wineries and cute little towns to stop in for some amazing local food.

    9. Darwin to Katherine

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    Drive from Darwin down to Kakadu National Park experiencing the wetlands, gorges, waterfalls and stunning beauty. From there, drive on to Katherine, a town rich with history and Aboriginal heritage.

    10. Uluru to Kings Canyon

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    Another drive which needs a 4WD, this trip will take you through Alice Springs. Though it is only really a five hour drive, the sights will take your breath away. This area of the NT is perfect for day-trip hikes and outdoor camping.

    11. Central Arnhem Highway

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    This road, from Katherine to Gove, takes you past where the Gulf of Carpentaria meets the Arafura Sea. There are no petrol stops on the way, so make sure to pack your own. You won't be disappointed by the natural beauty that the Northern Territory has to offer.

    12. Sydney to Jervis Bay

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    Though it's essentially only a three hour drive, it is certainly a spectacular one. Stop off in Kiama and enjoy some gelato, then drive on through the small beach towns until you get to Jervis Bay. Go whale watching or just enjoy chilling out on Hyams Beach, which reputedly has the whitest sand in the world.

    13. Victoria Goldfields Route

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    This three-day route will take you from Melbourne, through to the historic areas which were once goldfields that made the area world-famous in the 1800s. The route passes through Bendigo, Ballarat and Daylesford, to name a few.

    14. Kosciuszko Alpine Way

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    This 400km trip starts in Canberra and winds its way through the Snowy Mountains and ends just shy of the Victorian border. Wind your way past quaint mountain towns and stunning blue lakes and rivers. There are frequent places to stop, get out, and enjoy the scenery with a bushwalk or bike ride.

    15. The Savannah Way

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    Driving from Cairns to Broome may sound like a crazy idea, but it is 1000% one of the best trips you could take. The 3700 kilometres will take you through National Parks, World Heritage areas, ancient gorges and stunning wildlife. Crossing the Savannah Way will give you a real idea of how incredibly nuts the Australian Outback really is.

    16. Nullarbor Plain

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    This is another trip which shows off the vast emptiness of Australia. The 2000km stretch of road between Perth and Ceduna is for many a quintessential Outback experience. Nullarbor literally means 'no trees', and you'll quickly see why.

    17. Gibb River Road

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    You'll probably need a 4WD for this trip out of Broome, though you'll practically have the road to yourself. This unspoilt part of the country has waterfalls, swimming holes, and stunning flora and fauna. The rugged wilderness will have you wanting to stay and explore for weeks.

    18. Perth to Exmouth

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    Explore the stunning beaches that the western coast has to offer, snorkel at the Ningaloo reef, check out the world's oldest fossils near Shark Bay, admire the starry night sky, and enjoy the sights of the beautiful desert sand dunes.