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    Auckland Had An Amazing Sunset And It Almost Shut Down Instagram

    No filter necessary for this multicolour evening.

    Last night, there was an absolute stunner of a sunset in Auckland.

    It lit up the city, making everything look amazing.

    More amazing than usual, that is.

    And, of course, everyone took to social media to share their stunning snaps.

    The sky was transformed into a glowing canvas of orange and yellow...

    Beautiful Auckland sunset over the Waitakere Ranges tonight - how good are the colours!? @LocalAuckland #AklSunset

    ...and the clouds made breathtaking patterns.

    Simply WOW! @LocalAuckland @NZ_Photo #sunset #Auckland #photography

    The sunset made Auckland's harbour even more picturesque.

    And everything looked like it was straight off a postcard.

    The sky turned from blue, to orange, to pink

    While the billowing clouds reflected amazing shades of purple and pink.

    It made the commute home from work actually bearable.

    And there was no filter necessary to make every photo worthy of a double tap.

    It's doubtful there was anyone in the city who didn't whip their phone out to take a photo.

    Well done, Auckland.

    You never fail to make us say "wow".