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    22 Times Asos Just Went Way Too Far

    Inflatable sombreros? Asos, wyd?

    1. When they sold this jacket for everyone who suffers from their shoulders overheating.

    2. And this one for people who have the same problem with their biceps.

    3. When they decided that jackets no longer need backs.

    4. When they created this jumpsuit-apron hybrid.

    5. And when they decided that inflatable rainbow unicorn horns were going to be this year's must-have.

    6. Oh, and you can't forget the inflatable sombreros.

    7. When they jumped on that “I gotta take out the rubbish but I cant find any of my own shoes so I'll just slip into mum's” vibe.

    8. And when they introduced this festive accessory.

    9. When they created a product for everyone who wants to look like they're wearing a zip-up jumper, but doesn't want to actually wear one.

    10. When they took inspiration from Jerry Seinfeld's puffy shirt, but only half-finished it.

    11. When they decided that bras should be worn on the outside.

    12. When these mom jeans got a revamp.

    13. And when they decided that denim bows were cool.

    14. When they thought "sleeves are boring, let's jazz them up".

    15. And when they brought back the 00's vibe of useless belts.

    16. When they sold this incredibly pointless hat.

    17. And when they sold these jean cut-offs repurposed as a crop top.

    18. When they took ripped jeans to the next level.

    19. When they thought this was a great idea for a necklace.

    20. When they brought back the early '90s.

    21. When their idea of a cover-up didn't really cover much at all.

    22. And when they sold this belt/skirt/something???