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    An Ariana Grande Fan Has (Maybe) Found Her Unreleased Album On Spotify

    Ok this DEFINITELY sounds like her.

    UPDATE: The album has now been removed from Spotify, with only one track, "Too Close" still listed.

    It's been a big week for Ariana Grande fans. First she called out her ex Pete Davidson on Twitter, then she dropped a surprise track, "thank u, next".

    thank u....... next 🖤

    And it turns out that may have just been the beginning. A real detective of a fan has tweeted out these screenshots of an album on Spotify, claiming it's an album of unreleased Ariana songs.

    an album full of unreleased Ariana tracks, omg

    The album is called "Nobody Does It Better" by an artist named Zandhr.


    I'm not an expert, but the songs do sound a lot like Ari. "Cadillac" is a fuckin bop. Some parts of them don't (like the beginning of "Better Days"), so that could be the voice of the singer who originally recorded the demo.

    Some of these tracks have leaked before but they've all been low quality.

    Also, the artist's only playlist is "Best of Ariana Grande" with 160k followers.


    And, as pointed out by someone on Twitter, the profile features the upside-down writing that Ariana has been using this era.

    Sachin, who posted the screenshots on Twitter, says that he knew about the names of some unreleased Ariana songs from another tweet. He went into Apple Music and searched "In Your Hands", which is how he found the Zandhr album. Then he found the same album on Spotify as well.

    Sure, there's every chance this is fake. And there's every chance that Ariana herself has uploaded this herself and it's all part of her plan. Either way, I'm bopping.


    BuzzFeed has reached out to Ariana Grande for comment.