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    18 Bucket-List Travel Experiences That Are Pricey But Amazing

    One can dream...

    The coronavirus pandemic is still impacting travel, and destinations around the world have different COVID-19 restrictions in place. Always check and adhere to local government policies, and use our content to dream about a future trip.

    1. Watching the northern lights from a glass igloo

    a glass igloo in the snow surrounded by trees and magical lights

    2. Sleeping in an ice cave

    interior of a hotel room made entirely of ice with snow on the ground

    3. Watching the great wildebeest migration from a hot air balloon

    A hot air balloon hovering above a giant grassy plain covered in hundreds of animals

    4. Sleeping in an underwater bedroom

    A floating house, showing a woman sitting on the roof, and a man swimming in the water underneath

    5. Tracking gorillas in Uganda

    A huge gorilla on a path in the forest, surrounded by trees

    6. Staying in an environmentally-friendly luxe hotel

    Looking out the window of a hotel room at the desert, the walls and furniture all blend in with the landscape

    7. Drinking tequila in Tequila

    A luxury "jose cuervo" train on a track lined with spiky agave plants

    8. Camping under a solar eclipse

    A row of geometric tents in a field at night

    9. Swimming with humpbacks

    A person in the water with a snorkel about 6 feet from a whale

    10. Spending a night in the desert

    A purple and orange sunset over the desert where permanent tents are set up among sand dunes

    11. Sailing through some of the most diverse islands on Earth

    A couple sitting on a white sand beach next to wild sea lions

    12. Visiting a polar bear island

    A mother and two young polar bear cubs on the snow

    13. Spending the night alone in the middle of the ocean

    A couple sitting on a deserted beach next to a luxury tent surrounded by lanterns

    14. Cruising to European capitals

    A long boat travelling down the river, on the banks is a small European town

    15. Snow leopard spotting in the Himalayas

    A glowing tent set up under a starry sky, surrounded by snowy mountains

    16. Exploring the icy waters of Antarctica

    17. Traveling on a train fit for royals

    A luxurious train carriage with an ornate ceiling, plush red and gold couches, tables with flowers, glowing lamps, and a patterned carpet

    18. Staying in a Tuscan villa

    An outdoor patio of a stone and timber house surrounded by green trees

    Me, frantically googling how to get rich quick:

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