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    21 Things You Know If You're Slightly Obsessed With Kmart

    Yes, of course I need three geometric candle holders.

    1. You know that Kmart is not just a reasonably priced homewares and variety store.

    2. It's actually an amazing wonderland, where you can get pretty much any item you could ever need or desire.

    3. You've bought countless numbers of their 3-pack of socks.

    4. And as soon as you need a pair of black shoes, you head straight to Kmart.

    5. Whether you have children or not, you always have to have a meander through the kids section.

    6. But you know Kmart's real strength lies in its homewares.

    7. Even their kids homeware selection is on point.

    8. You've spent a lot of time getting decor ~inspiration~ from other Kmart junkies.

    9. You could decorate an entire room using only stuff bought at Kmart.

    10. And you know how to hack all of their products to make them look ~fancy~.

    11. You lose your mind when you see a new collection hit the shelves.

    12. And there are suddenly all these things that you never knew you needed.

    13. You just know that once you buy everything you see, you'll be so goddamn organised.

    14. Or you'll live in a house that looks like it belongs in a magazine.

    15. Sometimes you buy things you know you don't need, but the prices are so good that you can't pass it up.

    16. But then you get to the checkout and the total amount is a lot higher than you expected because you got carried away and bought so many things.

    17. Kmart is your first port of call when Christmas rolls around.

    18. And you go there at least three times a week to look at all their decorations and gift packs.

    19. You pretty much always have to use their big plastic bags because of how much you buy.

    20. And you've almost certainly found yourself wandering around a 24-hour store at a time when you should have been in bed.

    21. And as you're reading this, you're thinking, "I should really go to Kmart tonight".