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15 Ways To Celebrate The Holidays Like An A-List Celebrity

From festive toenails to DIY crafts, here's how the rich and famous are getting into the Christmas spirit

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1. Get a Santa pedi like Katy Perry.

2. Take inspiration from Jessica Alba and make a card tree...

3. ...Or a snowman made out of nappies.

4. Get a ridonkulous sized tree for your foyer like the Kardashian-Jenners.

5. Decorate your tree like Taylor Swift and Hailee Steinfeld.

6. Host a cookie decorating party like Neil Patrick Harris.

7. Make sure you pick a perfect tree like Heidi Klum did.

8. Get into the Christmas spirit with festive accessories a la Lauren Conrad.

9. Get your many staff to help you decorate like the Obama's did.

10. Take pride in your wrapping like Lena Dunham.

11. Do some baking like Sarah Jessica Parker.

12. Break out the reindeer antlers like RiRi.

13. Celebrate Christmas the Miley way.

14. Personalise your stockings like Emmy Rossum.

15. And dress up your pets like Cheryl Cole.

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