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What Your Second Grade Classmates Are Up To Now

It's been twenty years since you were in second grade. Time flies when you're living your entire active memory. Ever wonder what th0se booger-eating pants-crappers from your past are up to now?

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1. Suave Steve


Steve absolutely killed it with the ladies in gradeschool. He was six, yes six, girls' first kiss. Unfortunately, adult-Steve is still trying to kiss little girls and consequently ended up behind bars.

2. Scowling Sam


Sam went hard, even back then. Sam now owns a series of 'laundromats,' that are exceptionally profitable. He's always offering to loan you money out of the blue. Maybe you ought to take him up on it? What's the worst that could happen?

3. Social Sandra

The most popular girl in grade school, Sandra's been living abroad since she turned 16. She took time off from her humanitarian efforts in Uganda to come back and rub all her accomplishments in your face specifically.

5. Might-be-asleep-Melvin

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After his teachers threatened to hold Melvin back in the 4th grade, he buckled down and started studying hard. He created a successful app that allowed users to rate individual cabbies by how crazy they drive and sold it to Google a few years ago. He's undoubtedly the most successful person you've ever met.

9. Nervous Nelly


Nelly went from being that awkward, perpetually-sweaty kid in grade school to the man writing lyrics for international rap-star Nelly. Then Nelly kinda became irrelevant and Nelly (your Nelly that is) became a realtor.

10. Spazy Shelly


Captured here in all her twitchy-glory, Shelly still has her signature tick today. Adults are much more kind about her 'eccentric hair blowing,' but it certainly takes you down memory lane to see her do it. So much relentless teasing...

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