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So You've Been Sorted Into Hufflepuff, What's Next?

It's the sorting hat ceremony, and your best friend just got placed into Gryffindor. You're next, and disastrously you end up in Hufflepuff. At least the Slytherin have a purpose in life. What do you do now?

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Do NOT try to get re-sorted.


Hufflepuffs value fair play and honesty above all else! So no pulling a Harry Potter and putting the Sorting Hat back on. If every Hufflepuff had the choice to get re-sorted, there'd be none of us left!

See Professor Sprout for instructions on where the Hufflepuff dorm is.


Professor Sprout is our head of house. She's very busy and not particularly adept at any of the tasks that a head of house is required to do, so please be patient. There are likely to be many students seeking her help. Hufflepuffs are notoriously soft.

Once in the Hufflepuff Basement, take a minute to unpack your things.


Welcome to your new home! As you can see, we're located in the basement far below Gryffindor and Ravenclaw. I hope you didn't bring anything particularly valuable with you, it tends to flood down here and there's a bit of a pest problem.

Take a moment and introduce yourself to your fellow Hufflepuffs.


Many of them, like poor Hannah here, are just as terrified and disappointed as you. It's said that many Hufflepuffs don't even make their first friend until 4th year.

Try to get a good night's rest.


I know it's scary being away from home for the first time, but I'm sure your parents / primary school instructors (they were likely both, let's be honest) told you that Hogwarts is a place of wonder. Just try to make it through your first night and we'll take it from there.

Go to all your classes. Yes, even potions.


I'm sure you've heard that Professor Snape can be scary, but there's a Weasley (apparently the Weasleys don't believe in birth-control) in your year so that should buy you a week or two.



Several of you have asked me about joining the Quidditch team. Remember: Quidditch is not a sport for the faint of heart or weak of bladder. Typically we fill our team with players the other houses have deemed not strong enough to play on their teams, but if you insist on trying out I'm sure we can make an exception.

The Yule Ball.


The Yule Ball is a time for joy and romance. You don't seem inclined towards either of those things, so I suggest you find a nice spot by the wall. Look, even Harry and Ron don't like to dance!

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