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9 Sitcoms From The 90's That Aren't Getting A Reboot (Yet!) And How To Do It Right.

In case you weren't aware, 'Full House' is coming to Netflix and Will Smith has hinted at a possible update of 'Fresh Prince of Bel Air' These shows aren't getting a reboot (Yet!), and here's how I'd suggest we do them right.

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1. The Nanny


Really I don't care what you do with 'The Nanny,' as long as we don't have to hear Fran Drescher laugh. Dub it over in Spanish, turn it into 'Mystery Science Theater 3000,' or just replace her laugh with a fog horn. Have at it!

2. Doogie Howser, M.D.


Neil Patrick Harris is actually a fun guy, so I bet he'd come back and do a reboot of the show. Hell, why change anything, let's just remake every episode verbatim (maybe even live) with the same cast 25 years older. That would be some quality television.

3. Saved by the Bell


I think a 'Saved by the Bell' reboot might be more interesting as a continuation of the original series. Having to film all of Dustin Diamond's scenes from prison provides some unique production challenges, but I'm sure Mario Lopez can use his leverage at Extra to make it happen.

4. Sister, Sister


The problem with TV these days is clearly a lack of twins. Nowadays they'd probably just find two young women who look vaguely alike. You either commit to the real thing or you come up with some other TV show to reboot, dammit!

5. Home Improvement


I'm sure Pam Anderson and JTT would be on board (though that could be a frightening combination). I think we need to get rid of the neighbor: Wilson. In a world of Amber-alerts, there's not much room for a neighbor who doesn't show his face and has an oddly close relationship with your children.

6. Hangin with Mr. Cooper


Admittedly, I have a soft-spot for 'Hangin with Mr. Cooper,' but I think this one actually could use a reboot! And look: the Warriors are actually a legitimate basketball franchise for the first time since this show premiered!

8. Ellen


If having a show be based around a bookstore doesn't provide enough of a challenge (do kids these days even know what a bookstore is?), I'd love to see Jeremy Piven try to play Ellen's "unsure-of-himself" cousin after 'Entourage.'

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