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8 Rejected Harry Potter Titles

Author J.K. Rowling revealed today 8 titles for planned and then canceled Harry Potter books. I've scraped together what little details are out there for you.

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2. Harry Potter and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day


When Draco Malfoy puts Harry under a curse that causes him to grow horns, Harry is forced to leave Hogwarts and do a movie that he hopes everyone will soon forget...

4. Harry Potter and the Untitled Hagrid-Sidecar Spinoff


Originally written to be developed into a CBS cop show where Hagrid and Harry race around London in a motorbike with sidecar, this was Rowling's first foray into television. It was not picked up to series.

5. Harry Potter and the Undying Relative


"But I haven't got any family members left," Harry whined.

"Of course you do!" said Ron.

"Uncle Drew doesn't count," cried Harry. "He's a ghost, and frankly a bit of a wet blanket."

6. Harry Potter and the Dragon of Buttcrack Mountain


Later retitled 'and the Chamber of Secrets' when Rowling's publishers informed her that dragons were fine, but 'Buttcrack Mountain' might alienate potential readers.

7. Harry Potter and the Uncomfortable Conversation


In this prequel, Rowling explains how Draco Malfoy's disdain for Harry all stems from Harry rebuffing Draco's advances before boarding the train at Kings Cross Station for the first time.

8. Harry Potter and the Excess of Free Time


With Voldemort dead and his life's work completed, Harry struggles to figure out with how to spend his time now that he's retired at the age of 21. Ron is of little help as usual.

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