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18 Awe-Inspiring Things The Internet Is Doing That Will Make You Believe In The Power Of Humanity

If you're reading this, then you're also keenly aware of the distracting nature of the internet. It's not all cat pictures and Donald Trump memes though. Sometimes, the internet rallies together users to accomplish something truly great.

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1. Using vocabulary tests to fight world hunger


FreeRice totally blew my mind. Every question you answer correctly allows them to donate 10 grains of rice. Seriously, I don't think Mrs. Grimaldi knew that all her pop-quizzes would one day help save the world!

2. Online college courses, for free


No, we're not talking about University of Phoenix online. Instead schools like Stanford, MIT, and even HARVARD are offering free courses. Kinda makes that four year degree you got look like a cheap piece of paper.

3. Planet Hunters


Planet Hunters is using the power of humanity to look through data from NASA's Kepler spacecraft for the existence of other worlds. So far, humans have found several confirmed planets and potentially dozens more that NASA's computers missed. Take that robot overlords!

6. Wi-Fi Free Spot


If you're not living in a city with free wi-fi yet, then you're living in the past. Thankfully, the folks at Wi-Fi Free Spot have done the difficult work of tracking down all the free-internetz for you! Truly, we are living in a golden age.

7. Taking the leg work out of finding the right cell phone plan


Whether it's Wirefly helping you sort through messy cell phone plans or MyRatePlan helping you choose the best ISP for your area, the internet is putting in all kinds of hard work so you don't have to.

8. Duolingo


From Luis von Ahn, who was also integral in the creation of Captcha, Duolingo will teach you a new language, for free. The twist? Your 'homework' assignments will help Duolingo translate the internet into the language you're learning. The epitome of "I'll scratch your back, you scratch mine."

9. Google Earth Engine


More than just those ridiculous cars, Google Earth is expanding to track things like deforestation, urban growth, and charting the world's road-less regions using over 40 years of satellite data that's made available for free to the world's scientists, governments, and independent researchers. A modern-day Christopher Columbus without all the racism and disease!

11. TasteKid


Using just a few suggestions from you about your own taste, TasteKid will generate movie, music, book, game, and tv suggestions of things you might like based on what you've entered and searched for previously. Finally, we have a reasonable taste-guide!

12. Track and balance your expenses with Mint


Mint helps users calculate and categorize their expenses, all in one easy app. It's not quite sophisticated enough to tell you Coachella is a waste of money, but give it time.

15. Videojug


YouTube is so 00's. Videojug is a driven entirely by how-to videos. Want to learn how to mix a refreshing summer drink? Redecorate your bedroom? Do your own hair for your wedding day? You can learn it all, for free.

17. You're Getting Old


An amazing statistical analysis (or depressing statistical analysis depending on your point of view) of your life so far. Hey, it's no so bad to realize that all the members of One Direction are both younger and immensely more successful than you as of today.

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