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41 Awesome Things That You'll Want To Have On Your Desk ASAP

Adorable, hilarious, and useful things for your office... as ~desk-ribed~ by our readers.

We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite desk-thingies! Here are some of the awesome things they like to adorn their desks with:

1. This dead guy pen holder for writing you need to take a stab at.

2. This Xenomorph mug that is anything but boring.

3. This glass skull that can hold your headphones, hats, and any other headgear.

4. This David Bowie figurine that keeps watch with his glorious junk.

5. This beaver pencil sharpener that actually uses its mouth to carve your pencils down.

6. This Think Board to turn any surface into a dry erase board.

7. These multicolored sticky notes that you will probably end up using to make pixel art on your windows.

8. This mini Crock-Pot to keep your lunch warm all day.

9. This stuffed turtle to keep you company on bad days.

10. This roll of one-ply toilet paper for a more prosperous supply of tissues.

11. This mousepad of a cat riding a unicorn while holding a deagle.

12. This spiky dinosaur toy that you won't be able to keep your hands off of.

13. This six-pack of multicolored highlighters to spice up your calendar.

14. This Captain America bobblehead to assemble your desk.

15. This stuffed platypus looks up to you as a role model.

16. This smiley bulldog calendar that will make your day.

17. This Rubik's Cube is a great way to take a break from the keyboard.

18. This perpetual desk calendar to count down the days until Friday.

19. This decision maker makes the choice so you don't have to.

20. This piano pencil holder is like music to your desk.

21. This picture of Lindsay Lohan to put things into perspective more.

22. This poster of Lorde to keep watch over you.

23. This bobblehead of Ron Swanson is the only thing that matters on your desk.

24. This mini diffuser makes the area around your desk smell heavenly.

25. This "luxury soap" and Iron Man combo to clean up your desk and iron out any problems.

26. This little dinosaur keychain that makes noise when it lights up.

27. This squeaky frog and ear-shaped eraser will have you hoppin' to rub one out.

28. These macaroni Pee-wee and It cross-stitch gifts keep a watchful eye on things.

29. These wooden flowers to spruce up your workplace.

30. This Buddha Board that lets practice your calligraphy with just water.

31. This cat Post-it Note dispenser that everyone can't get enough of.

32. This sign that will lead to interesting interactions with your colleagues.

33. This encouraging cross-stitch to support those who fight.

34. This Fidget Cube that will occupy your hands and help you focus better.

35. This glasslike putty that you can fiddle with while mulling over the bigger issues in life.

36. This figurine of David Tennant that'll help you find other Whovians in the office.

37. This 8-bit Mario Amiibo keeps you jumping for your own goal (post).

38. This mug warmer that you won't be able to live without.

39. This Polaroid Post-it holder makes it so that you'll always leave work on a high note.

40. These Jabber Balls that stick out their tongues when you squeeze them.

41. And this Tetris lamp that you can rearrange into different shapes.


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