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41 Awesome Things That You'll Want To Have On Your Desk ASAP

Adorable, hilarious, and useful things for your office... as ~desk-ribed~ by our readers.

Andrew Richard / BuzzFeed

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We asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to tell us about their favorite desk-thingies! Here are some of the awesome things they like to adorn their desks with:

1. This dead guy pen holder for writing you need to take a stab at.


"My dead guy pen holder." —caliluvv87

Get one on Amazon for $12.

2. This Xenomorph mug that is anything but boring.


"'Oh what a pretty floral muuuuuug—wtf?' Why does tea have to be boring? :)" —cmerry

Get one from LookHuman for $16.

3. This glass skull that can hold your headphones, hats, and any other headgear.


"Huge glass skull that holds my headphones lmao." —darndevil

Get something like it on Amazon for $33.

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4. This David Bowie figurine that keeps watch with his glorious junk.


"The Goblin King displays his glorious junk all day to keep me sane in the world of banking. He has no other purpose than to keep the spirit of David Bowie near me at all times…which keeps me happy." —sstarkey83

Get one from Amazon for $5.

5. This beaver pencil sharpener that actually uses its mouth to carve your pencils down.

"My beaver pencil sharpener. You stick the pencil in its mouth and it sharpens your pencil." —kristing4cb1cb8a3

Get one from Amazon for $13.

6. This Think Board to turn any surface into a dry erase board.

"Think Board peel and stick dry erase board. One of the pretty big ones. My entire desk is a dry erase board. It’s wonderful." —kats44065a5ae

Get one from Amazon for $35.

7. These multicolored sticky notes that you will probably end up using to make pixel art on your windows.

"Honestly, lots of different multicolored sticky notes." —jennaraee2

Get some from Amazon for $8.

8. This mini Crock-Pot to keep your lunch warm all day.

"A mini Crock-Pot to evenly heat my food instead of having hot and cold spots in it from heating it in the microwave." —spookydelight

Get one on Amazon for $27.

9. This stuffed turtle to keep you company on bad days.


"My boyfriend bought him for me when I was having a bad day, so I keep him on my desk to remind me that I have reasons to smile!" —kimberlyy403bcd84b

Get one from Amazon for $7.

10. This roll of one-ply toilet paper for a more prosperous supply of tissues.


"I’m too cheap to buy real facial tissues just to keep at work, so I grabbed one of the toilet paper rolls from the bathroom for blowing my nose instead. But it’s cool because the janitor has picked up on it and will leave me a new roll on my desk when I start getting low. You can find one-ply toilet paper of your own here. Unspoken bond with janitor at your office not included." —johnk428aaeb8e

Get some from Amazon for $17.

11. This mousepad of a cat riding a unicorn while holding a deagle.


"My mouse pad that I bought because of a BuzzFeed post, and Cornelia the mini unicorn that my boyfriend bought me." —brandicorn81

Get one from Amazon for $6.

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12. This spiky dinosaur toy that you won't be able to keep your hands off of.


"This is Rex, my light-up dinosaur (with my emoji stress ball and tub of FLARP! in the back). My co-worker got me a bunch of random, goofy gifts for my birthday and this one is by far my favorite! All I have to do is slam it into the desk and the inside lights up for 30 seconds. Rex is awesome." —nataliem4bb6324eb

Find something similar on Amazon for $4.

13. This six-pack of multicolored highlighters to spice up your calendar.

"A pack of multicolored highlighters. I decorate my huge desk calendar with upcoming events and every quirky holiday so I always have stuff to look forward to." —SQVID

Get a pack from Amazon for $6.

14. This Captain America bobblehead to assemble your desk.

"A Captain America bobblehead — it doesn’t do much but I like it!" —elizabethp47865e3ac

Get one from Amazon for $10.

15. This stuffed platypus looks up to you as a role model.

"A stuffed platypus." —EldRynPhoenix

Get one from Amazon for $16.

16. This smiley bulldog calendar that will make your day.


"My little french bulldog calendar. It is so cute. I love that he just sits there and smiles at me, it makes my day. It was probably my favorite Christmas present from my best friend." —hollyraeb

Get one from Japanwave for $12.

17. This Rubik's Cube is a great way to take a break from the keyboard.

"My Rubik’s Cube is the best fidget toy I’ve ever had. I have a speed cube, so it moves really fluidly and just feels great in my hand. Solving it or just making cool patterns is a great 1-5 minute break from typing." —sidneyl

Get one on Amazon for $18.

18. This perpetual desk calendar to count down the days until Friday.


"I love my vintage perpetual calendar from Rome. It gives me a bit of happiness each day as I change the day of the week and the date as it gets closer to Friday (Venerdi in Italian). Also, Italy is one of my favorite places to visit so it is nice to have a daily reminder of it on my desk." —jenniferlynnelsonf

Find something similar from HollysCollageCorner on Etsy for $40.

19. This decision maker makes the choice so you don't have to.

"I've got a decision maker on my desk…" —izabellodal

Get one on Amazon for $9.

20. This piano pencil holder is like music to your desk.

"My piano pencil holder." —jims4710cea82

Get one from Amazon for $9.

21. This picture of Lindsay Lohan to put things into perspective more.


"These pictures remind me that even on my bad days … things could be way worse. Also, Lindsay Lohan looks flawless." —janl5

22. This poster of Lorde to keep watch over you.

"I have a large photo of the singer Lorde over my desk because the Lorde is always watching over me." —ahow09

Get one from Amazon for $9.

23. This bobblehead of Ron Swanson is the only thing that matters on your desk.

"A bobblehead of Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation." —mariec48f08d3ab

Find one on eBay for $60.

24. This mini diffuser makes the area around your desk smell heavenly.

"My mini diffuser for essential oils." —jonna

Get one from Amazon for $22.

25. This "luxury soap" and Iron Man combo to clean up your desk and iron out any problems.


"Both were gifts at the Christmas but from two different people." —elenasifuentesw

Get the soap from PerpetualKid for $4.

Get the Iron Man figurine from Amazon for $12.

26. This little dinosaur keychain that makes noise when it lights up.

"My little dinosaur keychain flashlight that makes noise." —jims4710cea82

Get one from Amazon for $10.

27. This squeaky frog and ear-shaped eraser will have you hoppin' to rub one out.


"My little squeaky frog or my earaser." —jims4710cea82

Get the earaser from Amazon for $12.

Get something like the frog on Amazon for $13.

28. These macaroni Pee-wee and It cross-stitch gifts keep a watchful eye on things.


"This macaroni Pee-wee & cross-stitch Pennywise gifts made by my sister & her husband." —sweetydahling

29. These wooden flowers to spruce up your workplace.


"These wood flowers that one of my best friends made for me. Not only are they gorgeous, but it was such a thoughtful gift that I know took a lot of time and effort!" —ryennjessica

Get something similar from TreasuredFlorals on Etsy for $10.

30. This Buddha Board that lets practice your calligraphy with just water.

"I love my Buddha Board. I got mine in Japan at Epcot and it’s so cool! You dip the paint brush and write on the paper like material. I find that this really helps when I’m stressed." —corynneb

Get one from Amazon for $30.

31. This cat Post-it Note dispenser that everyone can't get enough of.

"I LOVE my cat Post-it Note dispenser." —sarvanaleekinghorn

Get one from Amazon for $8.

32. This sign that will lead to interesting interactions with your colleagues.

"I’m a teacher, and I have a little sign on my desk that says, 'please phrase all questions in the form of a compliment'. It has led to a lot of funny interactions with my students." —mjb7

Get one from Amazon for $8.

33. This encouraging cross-stitch to support those who fight.

"I work as a veterinary oncology nurse and have this wonderful cross-stitch that says 'fuck cancer' that lives on the wall next to my desk. It helps to remind me why I do what I do for a living every day." —jessehenderkott

Get it from theNIFTYnerdette on Etsy for $6.

34. This Fidget Cube that will occupy your hands and help you focus better.

"My stress/Fidget Cube. It helps occupy my hands so I can focus better. Also, my boyfriend got it for me, so it reminds me of him and how happy he makes me." —sarag4491e8e4a

Get one from Antsy Labs for $22.

35. This glasslike putty that you can fiddle with while mulling over the bigger issues in life.

"I use “Crazy Aaron’s Thinking Putty”. I’m a fidgety person so fiddling with some putty while I work keeps me focused." —catielu21

Get some from Amazon for $20.

36. This figurine of David Tennant that'll help you find other Whovians in the office.

some guy / Amazon / Via

"A David Tennant 10th Doctor Funko Pop figurine. He’s been with me for two different jobs, and I love that it helps me find other Whovians in the workplace!" —jenf17

Get one on Amazon for $10.

37. This 8-bit Mario Amiibo keeps you jumping for your own goal (post).

"My Mario Amiibo keeps me happy. :)" —toml4ada66609

Get one from Amazon for $8.

38. This mug warmer that you won't be able to live without.

Sara Williams / Via

"My coffee cup warmer. I can’t live without it!" —danielletomasellow

Get one from Amazon for $12.

39. This Polaroid Post-it holder makes it so that you'll always leave work on a high note.


"My Post-it Note holder is my favorite thing." —ravynn4

Get one from Amazon for $20.

40. These Jabber Balls that stick out their tongues when you squeeze them.,

"There’s this thing called a Jabber Ball, it’s pretty lit." —baileyjones

Get one from Amazon for $11.

41. And this Tetris lamp that you can rearrange into different shapes.

"My Tetris lamp. It’s entirely customizable, so you can take apart and put together the blocks into different Tetris shapes. It’s a nice brief break when studying hard to take a lamp apart and put it back together." —maggieeliza

Get one from Amazon for $29.


Thanks to Aedin McDaniel in the comments, I have located that illusive Corgi mug!

Get it from Christian Slade's shop for $12.

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